Suzuki Avenis vs TVS Jupiter 125: Specs, Features, & Design Dimension

Updated On: 23 November 2021, By Sutanu Guha

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Suzuki Avenis vs TVS Jupiter 125: Specs, Features, & Design Dimension

The newly launched Suzuki Avenis is a sporty scooter that competes in the 125 cc segment, which also includes the most practical Jupiter 125. Can Suzuki triumph over the TVS? Here is a detailed Suzuki Avenis vs TVS Jupiter 125 comparison for you.

Suzukis new sporty scooter, the Avenis comes with the same 125 cc engine that powers the Access 125. It shares its underpinnings with the Suzuki Burgman Street but is lighter with a lean design compared to the maxi-scooter. The Avenis is available in two variants: the Standard Edition (Rs. 86,700), and the Race Edition (Rs. 87,000)( ex-showroom prices). It is specced fairly well for a scooter of its price stature, but the 125 cc segment can sometimes not be about being modern at all. Practicality is the need and simplicity is the outcome and no other scooter, then the newly launched TVS Jupiter 125 has does that better.

For the Jupiter badge was always about practicality, and the Jupiter 125 just made it more exciting. It uses the same engine as the Ntorq, but instead of the advanced three-valve set-up, the Jupiter 125 uses a two-valve motor. Aesthetic-wise, the alloy wheels go a long distance, when seen with the chrome details. Prices for the TVS Jupiter 125 start from Rs. 75,900 with the Standard variant, Rs. 80,000 with the Drum Alloy wheels, and Rs. 84,500 with the single-disc channel scooter (ex-showroom prices, Delhi).

Aside from the price difference, are there any more advantages that the TVS Jupiter might enjoy over the newly launched Suzuki Avenis? Lets find that out in the spec-sheet comparison below.

Suzuki Avenis vs TVS Jupiter: Design Dimensions, and Suspension

Outrightly, the Suzuki Avenis might slightly remind you of the TVS Ntorq, which is not that bad. The apron designs are all new with their own unique flairs of more lines and cuts, and faux air vents. A front apron-integrated headlamp is an all-LED unit, so is the unique twin-shaped LED taillight. The Suzuki Avenis gets a sporty-looking big black muffler that is expected to have a deep grunt, which remains to be seen. Suspensions duties are handled by telescopic forks at the front, and a swing arm set just like the one on Burgman Street, for the rear wheels. The Avenis gets 21.8-liters of under-seat storage space.

Dimension-wise, the Avenis quite bigger than the Jupiter 125, as can be seen in the table below:

DimensionsSuzuki AvenisTVS Jupiter 125
length*width*height1895*710*1175 mm^31852*681*1168 mm^3
Wheelbase1265 mm1275 mm
Ground Clearance160 mm163 mm
Fuel Capacity5.2 Liters5.1 Liters
Kerb Weight106 Kg108 Kg
Suspension Front TelescopicTelescopic Hydraulic
Suspension RearSingle Rear Shock AbsorberMonotube Inverted Gas-filled shox (MIG) with Spring aid 3 step adjustable
Underseat Storage21.8liters33 liters

The TVS Jupiter 125 sits on a highly rigid under-bone tubular type frame. It translates down to a solid structure that is high on space. This is demonstrated by the space between the handlebar and the seat, and a large 33-liter of under-seat storage space. The design is much simpler compared to the Avenis as well. The headlight unit is all-LED, and so are the rear taillamps. The retro-styled seats are missed in the Jupiter 125, but the long flat seat keeps matter comfortable during city rides. Besides, the body suspends on telescopic hydraulics at the front and a MIG-Shox with spring aid 3-step adjustable for the rear.

tvs jupiter 125 orange front three quarters

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The Avenis is the aggressive-looking scooter of the two, but the Jupiter 125 simple design does have a sublime appeal, that grows on you. If the Aveniss reminiscent does not make you feel good, the Jupiter 125s subtlety might.

Suzuki Avenis vs TVS Jupiter 125: Engine Specs

The Suzuki Avenis is powered by the same 125 cc engine that is also found in the Access 125 and Burgman Street. This mill comes mated to a CVT transmission, and it produces 8.7 Ps and 10 Nm of torque. The power delivery and its ride quality are yet to be tested. On paper, the Suzuki Avenis feels quite underpowered, especially when compared to its core competitor - the Ntorq. But when seen in comparison with the Jupiter 125, it feels marginally better.

TVS Jupiter 125 vs Suzuki Avenis Engine

The Jupiter 125 is powered by the same 125 cc engine found in the TVS Ntorq, but with a two-valve unit instead. This mill produces 8.15 Ps and a confident 10.5 Nm of torque, sending power via the CVT transmission as well. The on-road performance of the Jupiter 125 might not be peppy, but for a daily commuter, the scooter has adequate acceleration. The 12 rear tires feel assuring when going the extra dip during corners and the additional 2 kgs of curb weight dont seem to be an issue.

Engine UnitsSuzuki AvenisTVS Jupiter 125
Power 8.7 PS @ 6750 rpm8.15 PS @ 6500 rpm
Torque10 Nm @ 5500 rpm10.5 Nm @ 4500 rpm
Tyres12 front, 10 rear12 front, and 12 rear


The Suzuki Avenis might have more power but the Jupiter 125 has the torque advantage. Besides that, both the scooters are tuned with different purposes in mind, and the TVS Jupiter 125 aces in that territory. 

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Suzuki Avenis vs TVS Jupiter 125: Features

As mentioned before, the Suzuki Avenis is fairly specced for its segment. This includes a full-LCD instrument cluster that gets Bluetooth connectivity. Some of the key connectivity features include call/SMS/WhatsApp alert, Battery-level indicator, phone signal indicator, and essential turn-by-turn navigation. Theres also a handy USB charging slot located behind the front apron, inside a small cubby hole. Other features on the new Avenis 125 are the LED headlights and DRLs, LED taillights, a larger grab rail, and a sporty muffler finished in black.

The Suzuki Jupiter 125, however, does not boast of a full-LCD instrument console. Instead, it gets a semi-analog instrument cluster where the display is blue-lit, that shows the fuel gauge, fuel efficiency, eco and power telltale, and distance-to-empty. Theres no Bluetooth connectivity available with the TVS Jupiter 125 but, there is a USB charging slot available with a nice pocket underneath it to place the phone. Aside from that, the TVS Jupiter 125 also gets LED headlamp/taillamp/DRLs and larger boot space.


The Jupiter 125 might not be high on features but its high practicality and it gets the basics right. The Avenis with its Bluetooth connectivity features does make it modern, but as far as its practicality is concerned, it feels a bit lagging. 

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The 2021 Suzuki Avenis is definitely an improved scooter, but the Jupiter 125 feels better improved. Both the scooters with their respective engines feel almost the same performance-wise, but both come from different genres and that is visible, right away. To come to a full-proof conclusion would be too soon, for we havent test-ridden the TVS Avenis yet. So once that happens, we can pass our conclusive statements. 

Which one are you leaning the most, the TVS Jupiter 125 or the Suzuki Avenis? Let us know in the comment section. Also do join in our 91Wheels Telegram and 91Wheels Whatsapp group to know more about vehicles, conduct discussions on your favourite ride, and much more! Also, you can subscribe to our Youtube channel for video content on the latest from the world of cars and motorcycles.

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