Top Pros & Cons Of Spoked Wheels - Benefits Over Alloy Wheels

By:Tejen Dhankhar
Updated On: December 3, 2022 12:34 IST
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Top Pros & Cons Of Spoked Wheels - Benefits Over Alloy Wheels

Top pros & cons of spoked wheels will let you understand in-depth about the old-fashioned rims. We tell you their main advantages & disadvantages.

  • Spoked rims are used on a number of two-wheelers
  • They are easy to maintain
  • Better than alloy wheels in some key areas of performance

If you were wondering about the top pros & cons of spoked wheels; this article is for you. Today, we discuss some of the main advantages & disadvantages of spoked rims. Additionally, we also tell you why you should choose them or not choose as per your requirements. Read all the details below.

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PROS Of Spoked Wheels

Better All-Terrain Performance

2023 KTM 890 Adventure R
Spoked wheels offer better abuse-friendly performance for vehicles.

Spoked rims are easy to construct but these are very sturdy. The use of steel and aluminum helps make them more beating-friendly. This means that the bikes and two-wheelers which are made for all-terrain use shall find the use of them. Additionally, heavy kerb weight two-wheelers like the Royal Enfield Classic 350 find a more suitable use for these. Meanwhile, their resistance against sharp bumps, gravel, and potholes helps make them easy to use on rough roads.

Easy To Maintain Or Replace

Spoked wheels are easy to fix in the long run.

The cost of making spoked rims is more than the alloy wheels. It is because of their complex design. Additionally, the spoked rims require manual effort to connect each spoke to the wheel hub; hence more effort and time. However, this does not equate that these are hefty over the pocket to maintain. Due to their ability to bend, the spoked rims can take road beating much better. Additionally, the bends can easily be fixed and so can the spokes. This easy-to-fix nature makes them an automatic choice for generic and mass-selling two-wheelers. Meanwhile, the user can replace a specific spoke or multiple spoked depending upon the type of repair needed.

More Aesthetic Appeal

Spoked wheels offer a better visual appeal over neo-retro bikes.

The fact that motorcycles were designed with spoked wheels, has embedded into the human mind. This means that we're accustomed to seeing two-wheelers, especially bikes, with spoked wheels. However, recent technology updates have led to the use of alloy wheels extensively. Meanwhile, there are bikes that still come fitted with spoked wheels. Products like Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 come with spoked wheels. This is done for two main reasons. One is their heavy-duty nature that helps in bearing the heavy body weight. The other main reason is that they look cool. The aesthetic appeal of spoked wheels is more than the alloy wheels.

CONS Of Spoked Wheels

More Weight & Less Performance

Alloy wheels offer better high-speed performance than spoke wheels.

As simple as that, the spoked wheels are heavy. The use of steel and aluminum can never be as light as an alloy wheel. Hence, this affects the performance of the vehicle these are installed on. Alloys on the contrary are lighter and hence add up for high-speed performance. Meanwhile, the added weight also leads to other problems. The spoked rims are mainly offered with tubes inside them. Hence, a puncture means a long time is required to fix it on the spoked wheels. Additionally, the overall weight leads to less utility factor in the long run.

Costly & Repeated Care Required

Spoked wheels are costly to manufacture. As they require more components to fit altogether for making single-piece; these are costlier than alloy wheels. Additionally, due to the heavy weight involved, these require repeated tuning. Repeated care is required to ensure that the rim is in perfect shape. The spoke wheel rim care includes the alignment and balancing on fixed intervals. Meanwhile, the alloy wheels require slim to no care.


The top pros & cons of spoked wheels make us understand that these wheels are made for abuse-friendly vehicles. Big tourer and ADV bikes are well-suited with spoked rims as they are capable of bearing abuse. However, with the high cost involved in construction & repeated car involved; alloy wheels enjoy the upper hand on selected products. All in all, the use of spoked wheels depends on the use of vehicles and the type of terrain involved.

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