Hyundai Kona Electric 2020 - 2024 Questions and Answers

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Hyundai Kona Electric 2020 - 2024 Frequently Asked Questions

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Kona Electric 2020 - 2024 FAQs

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Hyundai Kona Electric 2020 - 2024 Car Owner Reviews

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  • KR
    Kildip Raina
    1 Year ago
    Very nice shape and features of car. Look is also very amazing.
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  • 1 Year ago
    Colour is so attractive with good safety features but rear seat space less
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  • BS
    Birinder S Sidhu
    2 Year ago
    I've driven it for 3 years now. Zero cost of maintenance and excellent performance. But it's now time for Hyundai to upgrade and offer some more models. After 3 years of introducing the Kona, just changing the colour scheme is all bull crap. Get serious Hyundai.
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  • KD
    Kerai Devji
    2 Year ago
    The Hyundai Kona Electric is a car and a landmark moment that paves the way for every electric car that follows.
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  • R
    2 Year ago
    We can advertise your car in my upcoming film its a pan India movie,10 to 15 minutes inthe story part we can advertise, please contact me at 09394539449 for more details
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