Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder Questions and Answers

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Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder Frequently Asked Questions

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Urban Cruiser HyRyder FAQs

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Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder Car Owner Reviews

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  • KO
    Ketan Oberoi
    5 Month ago
    Amazing for city run. Good on highways, not very fast but decent for a family outing. Maintenance cost is quite less, car looks great overall. Returns 20+ km/l in city traffic.
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  • Mk
    Mohammed kallimulla
    5 Month ago
    with in a month it will be in my family member, good look, mileage, comfort, maintenance cost in all parameters it will be good in this segment, Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder.
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  • Rk
    Rohit kumar
    7 Month ago
    The seats are supportive and offer good cushioning, providing a pleasant experience for both driver and passengers. The suspension setup effectively absorbs bumps and undulations on the road, contributing to a smooth and comfortable ride.
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  • R
    7 Month ago
    It's design reflects a balance between urban sophistication and adventurous spirit.
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  • MZ
    Md Zuber Maniyar
    9 Month ago
    The Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder is an amazing car. The car design very good. Servicing and maintenance cost is very low.
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Urban Cruiser HyRyder User Reviews

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Urban Cruiser HyRyder On Road Price in India

CityOn Road Price
New Delhi12.91 Lakh onwards
Pune13.13 Lakh onwards
Mumbai13.13 Lakh onwards
Kolkata12.40 Lakh onwards
Ahmedabad12.46 Lakh onwards
Hyderabad12.91 Lakh onwards
Chennai13.80 Lakh onwards
Bangalore13.69 Lakh onwards
Guwahati12.57 Lakh onwards
Lucknow12.91 Lakh onwards
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