Tata Curvv car

Tata Curvv

Curvv is a SUV car from Tata. Tata is expected to be launched at a price of Rs. ₹ 20.00 Lakh in Indian automobile market.

(Expected Price)

₹ 20.00 Lakh

Expected Launch Date : March 2024

Tata Curvv Specifications

  • Body Type


  • Fuel Type


Why Electric car

  • Cost Effective

    Lower Fuel Prices, No Registration Charges. Thus, 25-35% lower cost of ownership.


  • Eco Friendly

    Zero Tailpipe Emissions. Thus, 30-40% reduction in pollution caused.


  • Minimal Maintenance

    Lesser Moving parts means lower overall maintenance costs.


  • Fun to Drive

    Easier manoeuvrability, Ease of Driving.

  • Future of Mobility

    Evolving Battery Technology, IoT Driven Mobility

Tata Curvv Pros/Cons

Features we admire in this car

  • Futuristic and feature loaded interior
  • Panoramic sunroof expected to be standard
  • Perfect balance of style

Features that could have been better

  • To be expensive

Tata Curvv Overview

Tata Curvv is a concept electric car that the company plans to release within the next two years. In India, the car will usher in a new breed of vehicles. The Tata Curvv will be the first vehicle to represent the company's aspirations to define a new era in SUV design. The Curvv will be designed to provide supreme practicality, elegance, dynamism, and unrivaled road presence.

Tata Curvv: What do we know so far?

The Curvv will be powered by a strong battery-electric motor system, the brand has not revealed the battery capacity and other details.  The Curvv, which is based on Tata's generation 2.0 EV architecture, will reflect the brand's pillars of range, performance, safety, and sustainability. 

Tata Curvv: Design

The Curvv is built on Tata's new digital design language, which will be used to all of the company's future SUVs. The Curvv concept is a coupe-style SUV. A curved roofline and a notchback-styled boot are among the new styling's highlights. A full-width LED light bar and triangle air vents are other features of the Curvv.

Tata Curvv: Features

A panoramic sunroof, a floating centre console arrangement, a rotary gear selector, and a centre armrest are among the characteristics of the new Curvv concept. In addition, the EV concept has a three-layer sculpted dashboard with a clean, minimalist design across the interior. The two free-standing digital displays for the infotainment system and the instrument cluster, respectively, are also included. Finally, the Curvv is equipped with a redesigned two-spoke steering wheel.

Tata Curvv: Launch Timeline

The Tata Curvv will hit the market in the next two years, bringing with it a unique, edgy, and sporty coupe body style to India. It will also be a continuation of the company's ever-evolving Electric Vehicle (EV) portfolio, which will be followed by its Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) equivalent in the future.

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Tata Curvv Gallery

  • Tata Curvv Front Profile image
    Front Profile
  • Tata Curvv Front Profile image
    Front Profile
  • Tata Curvv Rear Profile image
    Rear Profile
  • Tata Curvv Side Profile image
    Side Profile
  • Tata Curvv Side Profile image
    Side Profile
  • Tata Curvv Others image
  • Tata Curvv Steering Controls image
    Steering Controls
  • Tata Curvv Others image

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Tata Curvv FAQs

  • What is going to be the price of upcoming Tata Curvv?

    The tentative price of the upcoming Tata Curvv is going to be around Rs 20.00 Lakh.

  • When is the Tata Curvv cars going to be launched in India?

    Tata Curvv car is expected to be launched around March, 2024.

  • Which are the key features expected in the upcoming Tata Curvv?

    Tata Curvv is expected to be coming with Transmission Automatic, Body type SUV.

  • Does the upcoming Tata Curvv come with both Automatic and Manual transmission?

    Tata Curvv is expected to be coming with Automatic.

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