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2017 Ford Ecosport Trend Diesel Ownership Review - 60000 KM Done!

Nitin Kadian

Car Expert, Editor at 91Wheels

27 Nov 2020

The Ford Ecosport is offered as one of the best looking compact SUVs and is powered by powerful and refined engines. The car rivals against the likes of the Venue, Sonet, Nexon, etc. If you are in the market to buy a second-hand first-gen Ecosport, here is a detailed 2017 Ford Ecosport Trend Diesel ownership review shared by Mr Deepak Dhojia. Before we begin, here are some details about the vehicle:

City: Delhi NCR

Odo: 60000 km

Year of Registration: 2017

2017 Ford Ecosport Trend Diesel ownership review


1. Looks- The Ecosport looks great and the front fascia gives it a sophisticated and an elegant look. The sleek headlamps further enhance the looks.

2. Ground Clearance- The high ground clearance makes it a highly practical and useful product. The owner also reports that he used the vehicle on bad roads and there have been no issues so far in terms of ground clearance.

3. 1.5-L TDCi Engine- The diesel engine powering the Ecosport is not just powerful and reliable but in addition to this has a strong low-end which makes it a great vehicle for city driving.

4. AC Performance- Even when the Ecosport does not have a rear AC vent, the overall performance from the AC is great and the cabin gets cooled in no time.

5. Practical Cabin- The space inside the cabin is commendable and there have are a number of storage spaces inside the cabin.

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1. Rear Seat Space: Space at the rear is at a premium. Rivals in the segment definitely offer better cabin.

2. Missing Essentials: A number of features and equipment is missing from the Ecosport. The Trend variant for instance misses out a lockable spare wheel nut.

3. Doors of the vehicle can be opened from inside despite locking the vehicle. This can be dangerous as small kids in the family often tend to pull the door handles.

2017 Ford Ecosport Trend Diesel ownership review

The Ford Ecosport is one of the best and most capable sub-4m SUVs that we have had in the market. The vehicle was first launched in the year 2013 and became a high selling model for the brand. The owner of the vehicle has high running and thus he bought the diesel model. He reports that the vehicle delivers around 13-15 KMPL inside the city while out on the highway, you can extract more than 20KMPl from this machine.

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The interiors are comfortable and the cabin gets lots of storage space which makes it practical for everyday usage. The build quality is great and the visibility too is impressive. The engine is powerful and it's superb low-end makes it a great vehicle for city driving. Average service costs come at around INR 4 thousand per service which is definitely justifiable for a car of this size.

2017 Ford Ecosport Trend Diesel ownership review

With this being said, what do you think about this 2017 Ford Ecosport Trend Diesel ownership review? Do let us know in the comments box below. You can also join our 91Wheels Auto Enthusiast Telegram group (click via mobile to join) to be a part of interesting automotive discussions. Further, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such amazing motoring updates.

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