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Hero Electric Photon Scooter Owner Reviews

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  • VA
    04 Nov

    Parts is very poor quality specially Break Wire and Lock is very very poor quality and very costly
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  • NS
    3 Months ago

    Ya photon elictric bike bhout kharab hai koi ise na kharide mere pass hai
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  • JR
    5 Months ago

    At this pricing point, it's a fantastic scooter. It is highly beneficial to our environment, and the price of gasoline is rising every month.
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  • TH
    6 Months ago

    Best option in this price segment, Environment friendly as it saves fuel. Even the looks, style and engine is quite powerful.
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  • DR
    6 Months ago

    Great looks, available at economical price. Also environment friendly but the battery back up sucks and replacement also takes of lot time, as service is all poor.
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Hero Electric Photon Expert Verdict

Hero Electric Photon Detailed Review

  • Photon Ride & Handling

    The Photon LP electric has relatively well-tuned ride and handling. The suspension has been well-tuned to easily handle the rough potholes at slow speeds. Additionally, the Photon handles well and maintains a decent stance with a pillion. The way Photon LP is handled is likewise up to section requirements. Particularly for young and inexperienced riders, the rider always exudes confidence, and the whole combination of ride-handling inspires confidence.


    The Photon's ride and handling are perfectly suited to Indian roads.

  • Photon Looks & Design

    Photon has a basic, curved overall shape. It appears larger than it actually is thanks to its subtle curves and tiny body panels. The circular LED headlamp on the Photon has a chrome bezel around it. A padded ride is provided by the front telescopic suspension. Around the headlamp, front body panels, and rearview mirrors, chrome is used extensively. The single seat is big and roomy, with plenty of padding as well. The Photon e-scooter has a large loading area in front of the seat as well as a lot of leg room. The scooter's back is equipped with separate indicators and a small, curved taillight. The overall aesthetic is lovely and appealing. There are two colour choices for the Hero Photon electric scooter.


    The Hero Photon electric scooter is beautiful-looking & elegant.

  • Photon Dimensions

    The Photon is a electric scooter that is compact and manoeuvrable. The Photon has the appearance and feel of a basic ICE-powered scooter due to its size and form. Although the design is lovely to look at, the overall size and shape still make it a respectable-looking scooter for the money. In contrast to its competitors, Photon emphasises the utilisation of a slender body to go through the congested metropolitan traffic.


    The Hero Photon has small and nimble overall dimensions.

  • Photon Engine Performance & Mileage

    Hero has given the Photon LP a substantial 72V/26 Ah battery pack that is driven by an 1800W electric motor. From a technical standpoint, Photon can reach a high speed of up to 45 kmph, which is suitable for commuting within cities. The battery pack's stated charging time is about 5 hours. Hero asserts that the Flash electric scooter can travel up to 90 km on a single full charge, which is fantastic for its configuration and price range.


    Photon e-scooter offers a good riding range and performance.

  • Photon Tyres, Brakes & Features

    10-inch tyres and 5-spoke alloy wheels are standard on both ends of the Flash. At both ends, a combination of drum brakes performs the braking function. Additionally connected to these brakes is Combi-braking technology. Hero has also given Photon regenerative braking energy so that it may charge its batteries while in motion. The Photon has features such a digital instrument panel, remote locking, anti-theft alarm, LED headlights, etc. Additionally, Photon has a battery pack that is easily detachable and replaceable, allowing charging.


    Flash has the right tyre size, reliable brakes, and user-friendly features. The Flash is a perfect low-cost electric scooter.

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