What is IBS in Hero Xtreme 125R?

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    IBS stands for Idle Start-Stop System in Hero Xtreme 125R. IBS benefits with increased fuel economy that stops fuel waste during stop-and-go riding conditions by turning off the engine at idle. Decreased emissions, when the engine doesn't idle for extended periods of time, less emissions are emitted into the atmosphere. Convenient ride for rider in stop-and-go traffic, the rider doesn't have to constantly manually turn off and restart the engine. This keeps fuel from being used unnecessarily when idling. The rider only needs to twist the throttle slightly or pull the clutch lever to start the engine again when they want to go back on the road. For operational and safety reasons, the IBS system is made to keep the engine running when the side stand is down, the engine is cold, the battery voltage is low, and other situations. To know more details about the Hero Xtreme 125R, please click here Hero Xtreme 125R Specifications

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Hero Xtreme 125R
₹ 95,000 - ₹ 99,500 *
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New Delhi1.07 Lakh onwards
Pune1.06 Lakh onwards
Mumbai1.06 Lakh onwards
Kolkata1.02 Lakh onwards
Ahmedabad1.05 Lakh onwards
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Chennai1.02 Lakh onwards
Bangalore1.10 Lakh onwards
Guwahati1.02 Lakh onwards
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