Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Pros And Cons That You Should Know!

Nitin Kadian

Car Expert, Editor at 91Wheels

31 Dec 2020

The Maruti Alto 800 is the most affordable vehicle in the brand's line-up and is also one of the best selling products in the segment. The vehicle is powered by a reliable and a refined 800 cc motor that can also be had with factory fitted CNG kit. Having said this, check out all the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 pros and cons if you are in the market to buy a small urban hatchback.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Pros And Cons


1. Reliability

Maruti Alto 800 is one of the best cars in the segment in terms of long term reliability. All the mechanical components and the powertrain have a proven track record and this vehicle will definitely be a great companion for long term usage.

2. Comfortable Ride Quality

The suspension setup of the vehicle is tuned to be on the softer side, thus giving it a comfortable ride quality. All the undulations and the bad patches are absorbed well and do not filter inside the cabin.

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3. Practical Urban Car

The Alto 800 is extremely easy to drive, all thanks to its compact dimensions and great visibility. In addition to this, the car can also be had with factory fitter CNG kit which makes it a practical vehicle for those who need a secondary vehicle for the urban commute.

4. After-Sales Support

Maruti is known to offer segment-leading after-sales support and the buyers of the Alto 800 will not be left complaining. The cost of the spares is not very high and there is no dearth of an authorised service centre anywhere in the country.

5. Effective AC

The performance from the AC is great and it chills the rather compact cabin in no time. The engine does feel a little sluggish when the AC is switched on but apart from that, the overall performance from AC is definitely better than most of its rivals.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Pros And Cons


1. Rear Seat Space

The Alto 800 is not a very big vehicle in terms of dimensions and that translates to a not so roomy cabin. While the space at the front is acceptable, the rear seat space remains poor and is a strict no for the grown-up adults.

2. Build Quality

The build quality of the Maruti Alto 800 is something which should have been better. The plastics inside the cabin are not of the best quality and the sheet metal too feels extremely light. The car does feel a little too fragile when compared to its rivals.

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3. Poor Highspeed Driving Experience

The lightweight of the vehicle and a softer suspension setup takes a toll on the highspeed manners of the vehicle and the Maruti Alto 800 is definitely not the best vehicles in the market if you need a vehicle which is a driver's delight.

4. Seat Comfort

The seats at the front as well as the rear are not very supportive and are thin, thus lacking in the overall cushioning department. While the occupants will not have any major issues for short-distance travel, sitting on these seats for longer hours is not recommended.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Pros And Cons

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