2022 Maruti XL6 Alpha Automatic Review

Updated On: 26 April 2022, By Bunny Punia

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2022 Maruti XL6 Alpha Automatic Review

In my books, the XL6 is a great product for those looking at a 6-seater family MPV. In fact, few months back, I bought one for my own personal use and ever since, have clogged over 16,000km around North India. From boring and flat four-lane highways of Haryana to adventurous routes of Ladakh and Spiti, my own XL6 has seen it all. So when I flew down to Bangalore to review the updated Maruti XL6 Automatic model, I was more than curious to understand and experience the updates. Is the new model better? Will I still recommend it over others? Is the new automatic worth your money? Well, scroll down below to read my verdict on the updated model. You can also hit the play button on the video below

Looks better, eh? 

2022 maruti xl6 alpha

The first change that I made to my own XL6 was an upgrade to both the wheels and tyres. Up went the size from 15 to 16 inches along with a wider tyres (205 vs 185mm). This resulted in the people mover looking so much better and happy to see a similar improvement on the 2022 model. The new alloy wheels look chunkier and you also get 195mm wide tyres now. The stance of the XL6 is sportier now and other elements like a new grille and smoked tail lamps further make it appealing. 

2022 maruti xl6 alpha

The XL6 also has a more natural design language as compared to the Carens and this should go down well with prospective owners. Maruti has also made the rear spoiler a standard feature (earlier it was reserved for the top end trim) and the older antenna has now been replaced by a sharp fin type. Rest of the exterior remains same and the XL6 continues to look good for an MPV. From certain angles, it also manages to look SUV-ish I must say.

Your second space

2022 maruti xl6 alpha interior

Stepping into the cabin is an easy affair and Maruti has not altered the layout or the design at all. It is an overly black theme and though quality of materials isn't the best, at this price point, customers won't have a reason to complain. There are added features and some of these are useful and practical. The ventilated (cooled) front seats for example - the fan motor used for this is powerful and it takes just about a few seconds for you to feel the chill. Next, the 360 camera is a great boon for urban runs and the display itself is better than the outgoing model.

Talking of which, Maruti has upped the Suzuki Connect app and for the automatic model, customers can now start the car remotely and even cool it down before stepping inside. Space up front is good even for tall adults though the co-driver seat continues to be slightly high for tall passengers. That said, I can vouch for the comfort and ergonomic levels on the XL6, having done numerous long distance trips back to back. Visibility too remains a strong point for shorter drivers. 

At the back, the individual seats are an USP and these are a standard fitment, unlike the Carens. Even with a tall driver up front, the second row seats are spacious with adequate headroom. The space between the seats also allows young adults and kids to walk to the last row which continues to offer more space than some of the 6/7 seater SUVs out there in the market. 

The new heart!

Maruti has been introducing dual jet technology in its line up for years now, the latest model being the Baleno we drove a few months back. The Ertiga and XL6 also get this tech along with VVT being standard. This K15C engine replaces the older unit though engine capacity remains same. Power and torque are fractionally lower. Numbers aside, how good is the new unit? The first thing I noticed immediately was the improved refinement levels. The motor is smoother, feels (more) relaxed and overall NVH levels are extremely low. This is also got to do with better wind and noise insulation. 

Maruti XL6 Automatic

The new 6 speed gearbox is a massive improvement over the earlier unit but has tall ratios. So while this allows the engine to spin at lower revs at highway speeds, the downside is the lack of immediate grunt when you need it. This combined with relaxed tuning of the engine means the 2022 XL6 misses out on the peppiness and punch of the earlier model. Driven with a load of passengers and air-con running, you will have to calculate your moves at higher speeds. 

Maruti XL6 Automatic

That said, the provision of paddle shifters does help. I wasnt expecting these on a people mover and does help you to take manual control over the box. We did a 200km run on the fantastic and scenic Bangalore - Hyderabad highway for a mileage run and at an indicate 85 km/h with two people on board and air-con running, the XL6 AT returned over 20 kmpl on a tankful to tankful basis. Impressive, eh?

Part throttle response is good and its easy to chug along in traffic. However, in this AT model, the system tends to cut off the RPM and you see the tacho needle dropping the moment you lift off the right pedal. This might be for fuel saving but you do end up missing some amount of engine braking. On the plus side, the SHVS (smart hybrid) system has been updated with a bigger battery, thereby ensuring a longer assist to the petrol engine.

Ride & Handling

The XL6 continues to be an easy to drive car and does not intimidate a driver moving up from a smaller vehicle. Seating is high, visibility is excellent thanks to large windows and a low placed dashboard and light controls further make this is a fuss free 6 seater. Steering effort remains light and I was pleasantly surprised with the ride that remains comfortable inspite of new 16 inch wheels that come with lower profile tyres. I am sure the ride will become even better with more passengers on board. 

Maruti XL6 Automatic

High speed manners are good in general and for most usage patterns, the Maruti XL6 Automatic will keep owners happy. You do have the convenience of electronic aids and this does infuse confidence during not so friendly weather or road conditions. However the highlight remains the easy of navigating traffic and getting into close spots. A tight turning radius and large windows do help a lot.


2022 maruti xl6 alpha

The 2022 Maruti XL6 Automatic has improved on a lot of factors. Plus its safer now thanks to two additional airbags. Pricing has gone up by about Rs 1.5 lakh (on road) as compared to the previous model but even then, it remains good value for money in the segment. With added practical features, increased fuel economy and better looks, the XL6 is still high on my recommendation list for most buyers. The only weak link here is the limited performance from the engine and this is where buyers will be walking into Kia showrooms. Apart from this factor, the new XL6 ups the game further.

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