TVS Hikes Prices of RTR 160 2V, RTR 180, and RTR 200 4V

Updated On: 10 December 2021, By Sutanu Guha

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TVS Hikes Prices of RTR 160 2V, RTR 180, and RTR 200 4V

TVS has hiked the price of some of the Apache RTR models from December 2021 onwards. However, the premium isnt that substantial to burn a hole in your pocket.

The TVS Apache RTR range of motorcycles sees a selective price hike. Both the RTR 180 and 200 4V see a minor increase in their ex-showroom price ranging between Rs 775-Rs. 1500. Both the 160 4V and the bigger RR310 remains untouched from this hike, after the last hike earlier this year.

TVS recently updated the 2004V wherein the LED unit was redesigned and the headlight could work in both high and low beam mode. The 2022 TVS RTR 200 4V comes in two variants  the single-channel ABS that previously costs Rs. 1,33,065, and the dual-channel ABS with driving modes that previously cost Rs. 1,33,840. The rest of the bike mechanically and symmetrically remains the same.

TVS price
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The 160 2V, on the other hand, which is still on sale, has seen a price bump of Rs. 1,500 as well. Both, the drum and disc variants have received a price bump. The former now costs Rs. 1,07, 865, and the latter costs, Rs. 1,10,865. The RTR 180 also sees a price bump of Rs. 1,500, and it now costs Rs. 1,14,565 from Rs. 1,13,065.

For better understanding, follow the table below:

Models New Price Old Price
TVS Apache RTR 160 2V Drum: Rs. 1,07,865 Rs. 1,06,365
Disc: Rs 1,10,865 Rs 1,09,365
TVS Apache RTR 180 Rs 1,14,565 Rs 1,13,065
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V (No Changes) Rs 1,14,565 Rs 1,13,065
Rear Drum: Rs 1,15,265 Rs 1,15,265
Rear Disc: Rs 1,17,350 Rs 1,17,350
Bluetooth Connectivity, Rear Disc: Rs 1,20,050 Rs 1,20,050
Special Edition: Rs 1,21,450 Rs 1,21,450
TVS Apache RTR 200 4V 2022 Single-channel ABS: Rs 1,33,840 Rs. 1,33,065
2022 Dual-channel ABS with riding modes: Rs 1,38,890 Rs. Rs 1,38,115
TVS Apache RR 310 (No Change) Rs. 2,59,000 Rs. 2,59,000
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    Is Apache RR 310 BS6 worth buying?

    The Apache RR 310 BS6 gets four riding modes - Track, Sport, Urban and Rain. In Track and Sport mode, the power and torque output remains at peak while in Urban and Rain mode, it delivers 25.8 PS of power and 25 Nm of torque. Feature-Rich Motorcycle - The updated new 2021 TVS Apache RR 310 is a very feature-rich motorcycle.

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  • You can pay the down payment by visiting the dealership and check for the minimum down payment offer. Generally the minimum down payment is around 5-20% of the ex-showroom value but sometimes there are zero down payment offers available on the bike. In case you have some down payment amount in your mind and want to know more about the EMI, please visit Apache RR 310Apache RR 310

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