TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125 - Which one to choose?

By:Sutanu Guha
Updated On: October 16, 2021 08:57 IST
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TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125 - Which one to choose?
The TVS Jupiter had always been that practical scooter, which made more sense in your daily life. To add some excitement into that practicality is the new Jupiter 125. So, which one should you go for? Here is a detailed TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125 comparison for you.

The TVS Jupiter was always sensible and quirky, by nature. Not only was it spacious with a wide and long floorboard, but its practicality also extends with the segments first external filler cap. Its simple and non-sophisticated design is to everyones liking, and the seating position is perfectly suited for rides in the city. With a cheaper price tag, Jupiter comes across as a much better alternative than the Activa 6G. To complete that competition, now TVS offers Jupiter with a 125 cc engine, a proper rival to the Activa 125. Having said this, check out this detailed TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125 comparison to find out all the details.

TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125

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TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125: Design and Dimension
TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125

Design-wise, the new Jupiter gets styling upgrades in the form of chrome embellishments, a new LED headlight and an LED rear light unit. Just like the 110 cc Jupiter, the 125 also gets a simple design with minimal lines on the front apron and side panels. But the best part is, TVS has made the new Jupiter 125 more spacious, for its seat is now longer than the Jupiter 110 by 65 mm.

TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125

However, one of the biggest improvements has to come with the storage capacity. The Jupiter 125 boasts 32-litre boot space under the seat, compared to Jupiter 110s 21-litre boot space. This has been possible cause the 5-litre fuel tank is now placed inside the floorboard. Aside from that, the fuel filler cap is conveniently placed outside behind the front apron, unlike the Jupiter 110, which has the same placed at the rear. This neat design also makes Jupiter one of the most practically designed scooters. 

DIMENSIONSJupiter 110Jupiter 125
LENGTH1834 mm1852 mm
WIDTH650 mm681 mm
HEIGHT1115 mm1168 mm
WHEELBASE1275 mm1275 mm
SEAT HEIGHT765 mm765 mm
KERB WEIGHT107 kg108 kg

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TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125: Engine Specs
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This is where the major differences lie between the Jupiter scooters. The TVS Jupiter 125 gets a brand new 124.8cc engine that produces 8.15 Ps of power and 10.5 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the 110cc Jupiter produces 7.88 Ps of power and 8.8 Nm of torque. The new Jupiter 125s engine has a strong low and mid-range performance and has a better throttle response.

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To handle these upgrades, the chassis has also been upgraded, for it now gets telescopic forks and gas-charged single-shock at the rear. This makes the Jupiter 125 the first in the segment to feature this technology. Besides that, the Jupiter 125 comes equipped with 220 mm front disc brakes and 130 mm drum brakes at the rear, however, lower variants get drum brakes on both wheels. 

ENGINE SPECSJupiter 110Jupiter 125
TYPESingle cylinder, 4 stroke, CVTi, fuel injectionSingle cylinder, 4 stroke, Air-cooled
DISPLACEMENT109.7 cc124.8 cc
POWER7.88 PS @ 7500 rpm8.15 PS @ 6500 rpm
TORQUE8.8 Nm @ 5500 rpm10.5 Nm @ 4500 rpm
BORE x STROKE53.5 mm x 48.8 mm53.5 mm x 55.5 mm
FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEMFuel InjectionFuel Injection
TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125: Features

Since these are budget scooters, TVS has not loaded the Jupiter 125 with lots of features. Yet, the Jupiter 125 comes equipped with an idle-start and stop-system that is also available with the Jupiter 110. This is an important feature in this segment for it helps shoot the mileage numbers up. Other additional niceties that separate the Jupiter 125 from 110, are side-stand engine cut-off and USB charging sockets. The semi-digital instrument cluster is nicely laid out with all the information. It gets a clock and fuel level indicator, average fuel consumption, and real-time fuel consumption as well. This makes the 

TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125

Aside from that, the Jupiter 125 gets LED headlights and taillights as well. This is a halogen unit in the Jupiter 110, but both get the same LED DRL unit, integrated into the headlight department. 

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TVS Jupiter vs TVS Jupiter 125:Prices

The Jupiter 125 is available in three variants. The price of the scooter starts from Rs. 73,400 for the base variant that gets drum brakes on both wheels. The mid-spec version that gets alloy wheels and drum brakes have an ex-showroom price of Rs. 76,800. Whereas, the fully loaded Jupiter 125 has a starting ex-showroom price of Rs. 81,300 and it comes equipped with a 220 mm front disc brake at the front.

tvs jupiter price

The regular Jupiter 110 on the other hand is available in five trims - Sheet Metal White, STD, ZX, Classic, and ZX Disc with Intelligo. Ex-showroom prices start from Rs. 68,209, and goes all the way up to Rs. 78,309 for the range-topping DX Disc variant.

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So, is the extra price bump worth for Jupiter 125? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, for more updates about the same join our 91Wheels Telegram and 91Wheels Whatsapp group to know more about vehicles, conduct discussions on your favourite ride, and much more! Also, you can subscribe to our Youtube channel for video content on the latest from the world of cars and motorcycles

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