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  • S
    06 Jul 2024
    Good to use for family and friends long route drive and safe no maintenance ground clearance good and safety features is to be good for us and strong exterior body
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  • Rm
    Ravi mutneja
    24 Jun 2024
    Excellent car, value for money except for the mileage. Everything else is picture-perfect. Spacious seating and all basic features are available. Superb design; even larger people can sit comfortably. Excellent, big boot space. Fuel efficiency improvements are required.
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  • M
    30 Days ago
    The car is amazing with nice mileage and a pleasant driving experience. It's very comfortable to drive, and I would recommend everyone to consider buying this car. Honda cars, especially the upper versions, are known for their quality and reliability.
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  • A
    3 Month ago
    The Honda Amaze is a true gem in the compact sedan category. Its sleek design, efficient engine options, and comfortable interior make it a standout choice for urban commuters and small families alike. With impressive fuel economy, smooth handling, and a host of advanced features, the Amaze offers an exceptional driving experience. Plus, Honda's reputation for reliability and build quality ensures peace of mind for every journey. Whether navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, the Honda Amaze delivers on both style and substance, making it a top contender in its class.
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  • A
    4 Month ago
    Amazing Vehicle with a Comfortable Drive Quality. Powerful Engine and Build Quality seems to be the USP. Aesthetics and Design is one of the Best in comparison to other Brand Vehicles in this Segment.
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Amaze On Road Price in India

CityOn Road Price
New Delhi8.08 Lakh onwards
Pune8.37 Lakh onwards
Mumbai8.37 Lakh onwards
Kolkata7.97 Lakh onwards
Ahmedabad8.01 Lakh onwards
Hyderabad8.08 Lakh onwards
Chennai8.51 Lakh onwards
Bangalore8.58 Lakh onwards
Guwahati8.08 Lakh onwards
Lucknow8.15 Lakh onwards
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