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  • 91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert3 month ago

    The conventional variant of the Tata Punch EV, which has a 25 kWh battery pack, has a range of 315 km/charge. Tata Punch EV Long range variant, which has a 35 kWh battery pack, has a range of 421 km/charge. To know more details about the Tata Punch

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  • 91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert2 month ago

    Unfortunately, not all brands and types of electric automobiles have the same or standard chargers. Different manufacturers utilize different charging standards and connectors. Brands such as BMW, Ford, GM, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, and oth

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  • 91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert3 month ago

    The charger types utilized to charge Tata Punch EVs are 7.2 kW and 3.3 kW. Tata Punch EV Mid Range and Long Range may be charged with a 3.3 kW AC wall box charger. On the other hand, Tata Punch EV Long Range can only be charged with a 7.2 kW AC wall

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  • 91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert4 month ago

    There are two types of subsidies, State Government subsidy and Fame ll subidy. The State Government promotes the purchase of electric vehicles in each state according to their EV policies, which may or may not include a subsidy. The State subsidy amo

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  • 91Wheels Expert
    91Wheels Expert3 month ago

    Yes, the Tata Punch EV has a 4-level multi-mode regenerative braking system (Level 0 - 1 - 2 - 3) 0 - No Regen I 3 - Max Regen) that the driver can operate with paddle shifters. This system helps to increase energy efficiency by repurposing kinetic e

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  • K
    10 Jul 2024
    design is very good and driving comfort is very nice, i have been using this car for past 4 months, and it is economic and value for money Overall, my experience is good
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  • A
    22 Jun 2024
    The best car in the world is a must-buy because Tata is a brand known for good quality and also takes care of customers' safety. One important feature is that it has 6 airbags available.
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  • a
    18 Jun 2024
    Very good! The car is classy and nice, offering all the facilities you need. You definitely feel that the money spent has been well worth it. It's a great choice!
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  • Ku
    Karan unhe
    3 Month ago
    I like the car. features are good, and that front has a cute look My first ride was amazing and comfortable. Bet suv ev car, i think in this price range
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  • As
    Adoni suresh
    3 Month ago
    This is best electric vehicle car in present the features and performance are amazing it saves your money I suggest best for electric vehicle lovers.
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New Delhi11.63 Lakh onwards
Pune11.63 Lakh onwards
Mumbai11.63 Lakh onwards
Kolkata11.63 Lakh onwards
Ahmedabad11.63 Lakh onwards
Hyderabad12.73 Lakh onwards
Chennai11.63 Lakh onwards
Bangalore11.63 Lakh onwards
Guwahati11.63 Lakh onwards
Lucknow11.63 Lakh onwards
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