India's Compact Vehicles: A Guide to Small Cars in India

By:Shantanu Singh
Updated On: March 13, 2024 20:47 IST
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India's Compact Vehicles: A Guide to Small Cars in India


  • Know about advantages of small cars
  • Know about features of these cars
  • Know best small cars in market

Small automobiles are vehicles that are smaller in size when compared to sedans or full-blown SUVs. They are sometimes referred to as subcompact or compact cars. This category majorly includes hatchbacks. This article will walk you through some of Indias most impressive compact vehicles.

Features of small cars

Size: Small automobiles have a small footprint, which makes it simple to drive and park them in confined locations.

Fuel Efficiency: Small cars are frequently praised for their high fuel efficiency. They have smaller engines.

Affordability: Compared to larger cars, little cars are typically cheaper. They provide a cost-effective choice for people seeking a usable and affordable vehicle.

Agile Handling: Small automobiles typically offer nimble and agile handling due to their smaller size and lighter weight.

Interior Capacity: Small automobiles may have constrained interior room overall. However, they frequently make the most of their interior space to offer supportive passenger seats.

Technology & Features: Modern small cars are outfitted with various technologies and features, including touchscreen infotainment systems and smartphone integration.

Safety: Despite their diminutive size, safety is a top priority for compact cars. To improve occupant protection, they are designed with contemporary safety features, including multiple airbags and stability control.

Versatility: Small cars frequently provide flexible seating and cargo options. The rear seats can be folded flat when more cargo room is required.

Customization Possibilities: Various customization choices are available for many compact car models, allowing purchasers to add unique paint jobs, interior accents, and amenities.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

95.90 lakh - 99.03 lakh

Engine1.2 Litre
Fuel TypePetrol
Power88.5 Bhp
Torque113 Nm
Transmission5-speed manual/AMT
Boot Space268 Litre
Seating Capacity5
Fuel Efficiency23.20 to 23.76 kmpl

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a popular and successful hatchback car model produced by Maruti Suzuki India Limited that combines performance, style, and fuel economy. It has enhanced safety features. The Swift was first introduced in India in 2005 and quickly became a favorite among car buyers due to its attractive design, peppy performance, and good fuel efficiency.

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

95.73 lakh - 98.51 lakh

Engine1.2 Litre , 1.2 Litre Diesel
Fuel TypePetrol,Diesel,CNG
PowerPetrol-82 Bhp, Diesel-74 Bhp
Torque114-190 Nm
Transmission5-speed manual/AMT (Automatic)
Boot Space260 Litre
Seating Capacity5
Fuel EfficiencyPetrol: 20.7-21.7 kmpl, Diesel: 25.2-26.2 kmpl

The Hyundai Grand i10 Nios is a small hatchback renowned for its roomy interiors, smooth ride, and contemporary features. It has various amenities, including wireless charging. It is an upgraded version of the popular Hyundai Grand i10 launched in India in 2019. The "Nios" in the name means "more" in the Irish language, emphasizing the car's enhanced features and improvements over its predecessor.

Tata Tiago

95.59 lakh - 98.15 lakh

Engine1.2 Litre Petrol
Fuel TypePetrol,CNG
PowerPetrol-72.39 Bhp, CNG-84 Bhp
Torque95-110 Nm
Transmission5-speed manual/AMT
Boot Space242 Litre
Seating Capacity5
Fuel Efficiency23.84 kmpl (26.49 km/kg of CNG)

The Tata Tiago is an affordable hatchback with a roomy interior, good build, and passable performance. It has various amenities, including twin airbags. As a popular hatchback model produced by Tata Motors, the Tiago offers a compelling package of features, performance, and value for money. 

Renault Kwid 

94.70 lakh - 96.33 lakh

Engine1L Petrol
Fuel TypePetrol and CNG
PowerPetrol-68 Bhp
Torque72-91 Nm
Transmission5-speed manual/AMT (Automatic)
Boot Space279 Litre
Seating Capacity5
Fuel EfficiencyPetrol: 20.71-22.0 kmpl, CNG: 32.52 km/kg

The Renault Kwid is a beautiful, reasonably priced compact car with design cues from SUVs. It provides features including a driver-side airbag and digital instrument panel. It offers a spacious cabin, good ground clearance, and a touchscreen infotainment system. The Kwid's affordability and modern features make it an attractive option for those seeking a value-for-money compact car.

Maruti Alto

93.54 lakh - 95.13 lakh

Engine1L Petrol
Fuel TypePetrol and CNG
Power40.36 Bhp-47.33 Bhp
Torque60-69 Nm
Transmission5-speed manual/AMT (Automatic)
Boot Space177 Litre
Seating Capacity5
Fuel Efficiency22.05 kmpl (31.59 km/kg of CNG)

One of the most popular hatchbacks in India is the Alto. In terms of dimensions, it is the most compact hatchback in India. One should buy the Maruti Alto for its affordability, fuel efficiency, and reliable performance. Its compact size and low maintenance costs make it ideal for city commuting. The Alto's reputation for being a dependable and economical car makes it a popular choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR 

95.52 lakh - 97.31 lakh

Engine1L/1.2L Petrol
Fuel TypePetrol and CNG
Power88.50 Bhp
Torque78-113 Nm
Transmission5-speed manual/AMT
Boot Space341 Litre
Seating Capacity5
Fuel Efficiency20.52 to 21.79 kmpl (32.52 km/kg of CNG)

The WagonR is a practical, roomy little vehicle. It has features like touchscreen infotainment, automatic climate control, and dual airbags. Its compact yet roomy design is ideal for city driving and family use. With its reliable performance and affordable price, the WagonR is a sensible choice for budget-conscious buyers seeking a versatile hatchback.

It's essential to remember that availability, features, and prices might change, so it's best to contact the relevant car manufacturers or authorized dealers for the most recent details.

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