Difference Between 0w20 And 5w30 Engine Oil. Which Is Better?

Updated On: 11 October 2021 Dheeraj Nair

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Difference Between 0w20 And 5w30 Engine Oil. Which Is Better?

Do you know the difference between 0w20 and 5w30 engine oil? Do you know which is better? If not, give this article a read!

Automotive history is a fascinating field of study. The simplicity of components used in the construction of an automobile in the 1800s is something worth looking up. The initial days of its introduction were a period of marvel and curiosity. The steam-powered vehicles from as early as 1769, truly blow minds when thinking of how it all started.

However, due to the advancements in the field of automobiles, the complexity of components increased significantly to an extent where we depend on the right engine products. At present, all of us depend on vehicles that have complex functioning for our convenience. Even though complex components are closely associated with the comfort factor, the price paid for its utility is regular use of the kitty.

One must understand that maintenance of these complex machines requires the use of the right products. By right product, we mean the rigidly prescribed use of OEM products such as lubricants for the vehicle. Now, we do know that choosing the right lubricant like engine oil for a vehicle is tough. It is an ordeal in itself due to the presence of a wide range of products and specifications. Therefore, to make your life easier, we have picked up a simple article that tells you the difference between 0w20 and 5w30 engine oil:

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What is 0w20 engine oil?

0w20 and 5w30 oil

0W20 is a type or grade of engine oil that has special viscosity and semi-fluid characteristics necessary to keep an engine running smoothly, no matter what the conditions are outside. The engine oil graded with 0W20 specification has the capacity to withstand extreme conditions and maintain the consistency of flow without causing friction inside an engine.

To simplify things, let us break down what 0w20 actually means:

The '0' before the 'W' is referred to the viscosity or semi-fluid characteristics of the oil when the engine is cold. The 'W' here refers to the winter season and the '20' is associated with the viscosity or semi-fluid characteristics of the oil at high temperatures. Do note that the lower the number, the thinner the viscosity of the engine oil.

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What is 5W-30 engine oil?

The 5W-30 is another type of multi-grade oil that assists the engine to function smoothly in cold conditions. It is a highly efficient motor oil that has the capacity to reduce friction and maintain optimal engine temperature. Using this oil in a vehicle can potentially increase fuel efficiency too. Such is the capacity of the 5W-30 engine oils.

As for what 5W-30 means, the '5' represents the viscosity of the oil at lower temperatures ie. '5' degrees Celsius. It has been stated that the more this number decreases, the better a vehicle can conduct a cold start. The 'W' represents the winter season and the number 30 is the thickness of the oil and the operating capacity.

The 5W-30 engine oil is preferred by people in certain areas where warm winters are experienced. The ready availability of the said engine oil in the market makes it extremely easy to find. One can even find them at their nearest lubricant store. However, 0W-20 seems to be at the top of the chain when compared to 5W-30 engine oil. Although they are recommended occasionally by car mechanics, automakers usually prefer using 0W-20 engine oil for their machinery. But let us not disregard the 5W-30 as it is slowly gaining traction in the market for its ability to adapt to warm winter conditions.

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Difference between 0w20 and 5w30 engine oil:

0w20 and 5w30 oil

0w20 engine oil is known as the popular choice of lubricant that delivers the best performance. It flows well even at cold temperatures when compared to the 5W-30 oils, thanks to the ability of the lubricant to maintain the same viscosity or the semi-fluid consistency throughout the internal structure of an engine. Also, the hassle-free nature of the oil makes it a favourite among auto enthusiasts and mechanics.

As for the engine oil, the 0w-20 has special additives that make it suitable for cold as well as hot conditions. It becomes thinner during the summer season and is consistent throughout winters. This reason has boosted the sales of the 0W-20 engine oils in the automotive market. Hence, due to the ability of the oil to become thinner during the summer, people prefer it over the 5W-40.

Note: Using the 5W-40 during the summer season can potentially damage the engine in the long run.

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