Benefits of Disconnecting Battery If Car Is Not In Use For Long Time

Updated On: 16 September 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Do you know why your car's battery must be disconnected while you go away on a vacation? If not, give this article a read!

Automobiles are built on a complex platform that includes numerous components synced to perfection like a swiss-watch that operates seamlessly. However, all these mechanical and electrical components integrated into the vehicle might become a mere piece of metal without the presence of a battery. The components of a vehicle, primarily the engine is dependant on batteries to function smoothly.

Moreover, one could state that batteries are the fundamental component necessary for the smooth operation of a vehicle. Its presence is required for powering the vehicle and providing sufficient energy for performance-based functioning. Thus, batteries must be maintained for the overall durability of the vehicle.

Since it is crucial to have a healthy battery, it is also necessary to understand the significance of the battery and its storage for utilising it until its ultimate retirement or disposal. Therefore, let us first discuss why disconnecting a car battery when on vacation is actually a good decision:

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Benefits of Disconnecting Battery If Car Is Not In Use For Long Time

Saves the battery juice:

Disconnecting a car battery helps prevent electrical systems like a clock or an onboard equipment/computer system from draining it. If a vehicle and its battery are left unattended for a long period, probably a month, then it might result in the damage of the battery and could even introduce the need for a replacement. Therefore, it is recommended to disconnect the battery if in case you intend to go on a vacation or such.

Saves money:

If the battery is kept disconnected for a longer period of time, it will retain its life cycle as the energy that is stored does not drain away. This saves money since a new battery is not required. Today, purchasing a battery will cost somewhere around Rs.3000 to Rs.4000, thus, proving it to be an expensive affair and an ordeal. Therefore, disconnecting a car battery for storage can actually save money on unnecessary expenses.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of disconnecting a battery for storage, let us learn how to disconnect the battery carefully:

STEP 1: Get your safety gear for protection

Battery safety

Before unhooking the battery cables, it is necessary to understand how dangerous a battery can be since it holds a huge potential for electrical danger. So, before touching any terminals, drivers are recommended to wear safety gloves and goggles.

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STEP 2: Identify the negative terminal

Battery with indication

The next step is to identify the negative terminal of the battery. It is recommended to start with the negative terminal first. The negative terminal can be identified by the black cover on it. It would also have a negative sign or minus sign on it for easy identification.

STEP 3: Remove the cable

car battery

As mentioned earlier, remove the negative cable first by simply unscrewing the bolt that attaches the cable to the battery post. Make use of pliers or a wrench to undo the secured nut. Then make sure to secure the negative cable to one side of the engine bay with a cable tie. Perform the same process with the positive terminal. However, once the positive cable has been removed, secure it with a cable tie. Also, make sure that the two cables don't touch each other and the positive cable does not touch metal parts.

STEP 4: Remove The Securing Bracket

battery of a car

Most cars today come with brackets that hold the battery in position, therefore, pliers or a wrench would be required to remove the battery completely out of the engine bay or the battery tray. Once the battery is out, do keep in mind to store it in a dry place.

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