This Is How You Can Increase Your Car Seat Height

Updated On: 16 April 2021, By Jatin Jhamb

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This Is How You Can Increase Your Car Seat Height

Update on 16.04.2021 - There are several myths that involve increasing the height of your car seat. If you pick the standard version then you do not get the seat height adjuster and there are several ways where you can increase the seat height of your car. What are those? Let's find out!

One has to find a perfect balance in the seating posture when they are driving a car. The right seating position will help you in covering long journeys in a much easier and relaxed manner. Also, the added benefit is that you can take control of the steering wheel and the functionalities of the car easily. Thus a car with a height adjuster is the key and if your car doesn't have a seat height adjuster, we tell you some of the ways where you can increase the seat height of your car.

With recent times and technologies, cars are coming with six-way, eight-way, 10-way and even 12-way adjustable drivers seat to give a correct seating position. In addition, you also get a tilt and telescopic steering wheel for more comfort.

If you closely observe then all these configurations are mostly offered in the higher trims of any car and not many people opt for the top variants. Many stick to the base variant and if someone is running on a budget then they buy the entry-level trim. So how does one increase the height of the seat of their car if they are on a budget?

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Adjust your car seat where your feet are comfortable reaching to the pedals. And then tilt the seat by 30-40 degrees angle to get the best of the front view of the windshield. This position will help in beating the stress of long journeys and also keep you at a minimal distance from the steering wheel. Often, people position the steering wheel too close and in any crash, the airbags deploy and cause injury to the driver.

If you dont have the height seat adjuster then you can always go for the aftermarket options. Well, they wont provide you with the same accessory but they have enough options to raise the height of the seat.

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You can go for the aftermarket seat covers (bucket cover preferably) which provides more cushioning and hugs you when you sit inside. You can also ask the professional to add foam-rubber layers to the seat so the height is increased without altering to any pain in the future. Similarly, for better under-thigh support, extra padding comes to the rescue and the same works for the lumbar support.

Now, if you do not wish to spend much on the cushioning of seats and putting new covers then you can also rely on the cushions. No, we are not referring to the car cushions but the professional ones which are specially designed for the cars. The cushions will come under Rs 1000 and will provide the right amount of comfort and increased height and will be suitable for long journeys and in traffic conditions.

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