Here's Top 10 Steps To Protect Your Car From Holi Colour Stains

26 Mar 2021 Jatin Jhamb

Holi is approaching and it brings joy among family members and loved ones. The colourful festival lights up the living beings and we tend to have a lot of fun around the season. However, sometimes a lot of fun is bad for our materialistic things like our beloved vehicle. So at 91Wheels, we share some of the few preventive measures which you can take care of to protect your car from Holi colour stains.

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Park It Underground

That's right! If you have the availability then park your car in a basement so park it there. Or you know a close place which has underground parking then that is your spot. This way you will have to worry less about your car plus it will be saved from the direct sunlight too.

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Cover It Properly

If you have not used the car cover for a really long time then now is the time to take it out. Cover your car at least 2-3 days prior after you have done your daily running with the cover. This way your car will be safely protected if the people around are throwing water balloons and playing with colours.

Use Car Wax

Car wax is something which you should invest in whether or not Holi season is around. It adds to an additional coating over the exteriors of your car and protects the paint. No matter how chemical-free the colours are, your ride will be protected from it at all times.

Keep the windows closed

It's summers and we mostly leave the window open by a slight margin so that the interiors don't warm up. However, when it is Holi season, you have to close your windows at all cost to prevent the colours from entering inside. This preventive measure will go a long way in protecting the cabin of your car.

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Avoid Taking Your Car Out On Holi

Now, we know Indian festivals are about greeting and sending happy wishes, however, try to limit your contact with people firstly because of COVID-19 and secondly because every time you will go out, you will take the car with you. That means the interiors of your car will be spoiled and so will the exterior if someone throws colour on your car.

Buy A Good Car Insurance

If by any chance the paint of your car is damaged in the festival season then good car insurance will save you a lot of money and thus make your car just like when it was new.

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