Reasons Behind Emission Of Black Smoke From The Exhaust Pipe Of Car

By:Nitin Kadian
Updated On: December 21, 2020 18:46 IST
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Reasons Behind Emission Of Black Smoke From The Exhaust Pipe Of Car

The emission of black smoke from the exhaust pipe(s) of your car is considered as a sign of bad health condition of your engine. However, the root cause of this phenomenon is basically the incomplete combustion of air and fuel mixture, in most of the cases, it is the excess amount of fuel burnt which causes the formation of this unwanted black smoke. Here are some of the reasons behind black smoke from car that will help you understand your vehicle in a better way.

Reasons Behind Black Smoke from Car

Following are the top five reasons which are responsible for the emission of black smoke out of your cars exhaust pipe:-
1. Damaged fuel injectors 
The improper functioning of fuel injectors, if damaged or clogged, can lead to an unbalanced mixture of air and fuel for combustion. In case of clogging, there will not be an optimum amount of fuel in the mixture, and in case of improper spraying from the injectors, there can be more than the required amount of fuel. In both the case, the combustion of fuel will not happen properly, leading to the formation of black smoke.
2. Blocked air filters  There happens a case when the air filters do get clogged owing to the continuous flow of dirt and dust. This situation can lead to restriction of the flow of air for proper combustion of fuel, thus resulting in more amount of fuel burning in the engine.

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3. Damaged EGR valve  The EGR valve is responsible for the reduction in emission of nitrogen oxides from the exhaust gas recirculated back into the engine. If the valve is damaged, the number of nitrous oxides in the exhaust gases will increase significantly, thus resulting in the emission of blacker smoke.
4. Deposition of engine residues  With time, the contact surfaces of the components of the engine do chip out finely due to friction. And there are chances that these fine particles, which are basically made of metal, do deposit at the surface of the engine. If proper lubrication of the components is not facilitated, it leads to the accumulation of these components in combustion chambers as well, which can result in the formation of black smoke.

Reasons Behind Black Smoke from Car

5. Worn out piston rings  The piston rings are responsible for restricting engine oil to enter into the combustion chamber. However, with time and extended use of the engine, the piston rings do start wearing out, which can result in engine oil mixing up with the air-fuel mixture, resulting in incomplete combustion and thus the formation of black smoke.

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