What Is Auto Dimming IRVM? Its History and What Are Its Uses?

22 Mar 2021 Shakti Nath Jha

IRVM or Inside Rear View Mirror is the mirror in a car or which is made in such a way that it allows the driver to observe rearward vehicles without much eye strain. The Auto-Dimming Inside Rear View Mirror or an IRVM is available in many luxury high-end cars and is one of the features that every car owner wishes for. Some carmakers go ahead and make it an integral element of the Outside Rearview mirrors or ORVMs. Today, in this article, we will be telling you what is auto-dimming IRVM, its history and its uses.

What Is Auto Dimming IRVM

History of IRVM

Auto-dimming IRVMs are particular types of mirrors that dim when the light falls on the surface of the mirror. These unique mirrors were invented way back in the 1950s but became a part of the automobile industry only somewhere in the 1980s. Today, Gentex is one of the most prominent manufacturers of auto-dimming mirrors in the world. 

What is the fantastic feature called auto-dimming IRVM?

An automatic IRVM has a mirror and an attached electronic system or photo sensors tuned to detect light. The significant parts of an auto-dimming IRVM are:

  • A control unit is the heart of the IRVM. It receives signals from the sensors. And then it decides on what to do with the glare. There is a conductive layer between the mirror and the glass consisting of three sub-layers  electrochromic, electrolyte, and ion storage. 
  • An ambient sensor that notifies the control unit to start its functioning when the ambient light is low
  • Body of the mirror, and
  • The glare sensor to measure the light intensity that falls on the mirror. Once the sensors understand, it notifies the control unit to behave accordingly. 
What Is Auto Dimming IRVM

The light could be coming from behind the mirror or from the front. The sensors then automatically dim and darken the mirror or light and brighten it up. When the light falling on the sensor from behind is more than the light coming in from the front, the electronic system dims the mirror. 

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What is its technology?

The mirror surface is equipped with electrolytes or ions consisting of uniform crystals, just like a mobile phone screen containing an LCD. When the crystals receive a voltage, they get arranged at a particular angle, which in turn determines the amount of light that can get reflected. The voltage determines to the extent the mirror dims out.

Use of IRVM

Automatic IRVM is a technology that has proven to be a blessing in enhancing safety, especially when driving at night. How? The mirror does not dazzle, as it does in a standard car with an ordinary rearview mirror. Thus, the IRVM helps improve the visibility in the dark minus the glaring lights from behind, and the entire journey becomes safer. The other distinct advantage is the ease that they provide the driver when driving through heavy traffic. It helps in reducing driving fatigue to a great extent. Also, the use of such mirrors has been reported to cause less eye strain.

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Technological advancements in the automobile industry can help save lives, and it is proven beyond doubt with the use of Automatic IRVM. So, this was all about auto-dimming IRVMs. Does your car have this feature? Do feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with all of us in the comments section below. You can also join our 91Wheels Auto Enthusiast Telegram group (click via mobile to join) curated exclusively for the fans, enthusiasts and owners. Further, also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such amazing motoring updates.

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