How The Cruise Control Of The New Tata Nexon Works - Explained

02 Mar 2021 Shakti Nath Jha

Cruise control is one of the most sophisticated systems in new modern cars today. On the general front, several benefits are associated with Cruise control: giving more time for your legs to relax, improving fuel efficiency, managing speed with buttons, and integrating automatic transmission. And with Cruise Control in the new Tata Nexon, consumers have the privilege to control speed for smooth movement automatically. This post will study the different aspects of Cruise control in the newly launched Tata Nexon SUV.

Starting Guide

You can check the Cruise Control lamp on the Nexon dashboard to check its status. You can start this Cruise control function via the SET button, and the Green signal indicates its ON status. 


There are two ways to deactivate this Cruise control system in Nexon either by:

  • Applying Brakes or Clutch,
  • Pressing the deactivate button or switch on the steering wheel.
Tata Nexon Cruise Control
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Resorting to Previous Settings 

You can also get the last cruise control settings. But you need to first accelerate the vehicle to the same speed at a specific gear.

  • 3rd gear from 30 Kmph to 80 Kmph 
  • 4th gear from 40 kmph to 120 Kmph 
  • 5th gear from 50 kmph to 140 Kmph

Shifting Procedure 

For changing the speed to the next gear, you can manage that with respective buttons + for the increase and - for the decrease. A single press is enough to get that desired change in the speed and simultaneously show on it. If you press the switch continuously, then the relative function will increase or decrease for that particular gear limit. You can also simultaneously use the accelerator to get the car to a specific speed and use the SET button to get cruise control in motion.

Lowering Speed

You can also further lower or decrease the brake pedal speed that will change the cruise control indicator to OFF. And once you get to the respective speed, you can again push the SET button to start the Nexon cars Cruise control.

Cruise Reset Procedure

Here is your step by step guide for resetting the Cruise control for the Tata Nexon.

  • Push the Cruise control master switch present on the steering wheel
  • Increase or accelerate to the specific speed without pressing the clutch or Brake pedals.
  • Then press the SET buttons on the dashboard of the steering wheel to get to the required speed. This will turn the ON indicator for cruise control.
  • You can now enjoy and relax your legs to remove from the accelerator pedal to keep the Nexon at a particular speed.  
Tata Nexon Cruise Control
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Overall, Cruise Control has been a successful addition to the popular Nexon car and adds more features to this great car gaining new consumers for enjoying the smooth ride. You can now relax your legs and gain more fuel efficiency in this newer version to add more smiles to your face. Do you own a Tata Nexon and have you ever used the cruise control? Do feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with all of us in the comments section below. You can also join our 91Wheels Auto Enthusiast Telegram group (click via mobile to join) curated exclusively for the fans, enthusiasts and owners. Further, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such amazing motoring updates.

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