Authorized Service Center Vs Local Garage - Where Should You Get Your Car Serviced?

25 Jul 2020 Nitin Kadian

Servicing your vehicle is an important part of the overall ownership and the vehicle owners are often left with a dilemma about making a choice between the authorized service center and local roadside garage. If you are also wondering which one of these will be better to service your vehicle, here is a detailed authorized service center vs local garage comparison.

Authorized Service Center Vs Local Garage
Authorized Service Center
  • The warranty on the vehicle will not get void.
  • The technicians at the authorized service centers are well versed with the vehicle and will be able to diagnose a problem in a better manner.
  • You need not worry about the parts being genuine.
  • The quality of the work is expected to be better.
  • The proper maintenance schedule is followed and the required parts are replaced at the right intervals.
  • The cost of labour is extremely expensive.
  • The authorized service center usually experiences a high workload due to which the technicians may hurry and may not address all the issues properly.
  • Most of the authorized service centers will not let you stay near the car while your car/bike is being worked upon.
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Local Garage
  • Cheap labour helps keep the overall costs in check.
  • May save you from expensive repair bills.
  • Some mechanics go the extra mile to deliver great service experience and address all the issues with the car.
  • You can choose what parts, oils, and other components are being used in your car. Some service centers do not let owners use any other engine oil apart from that which is recommended by the brand.
  • Modern vehicles are heavily loaded with the electronics and complex system, which makes it difficult to diagnose the issues correctly without any advanced equipment which the authorized service centers are equipped with.
  • The parts used during the service may not be genuine.
  • The local mechanics may not know everything about each of the vehicles in great detail.
  • Vehicle manufacturers often release updates for the vehicles, and the roadside garages will not have access to these.
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Final Verdict

Considering what has been discussed so far in this authorized service center vs local garage battle, we would suggest you get your car serviced every year at the authorized service center if your overall use is low while if your running is high, you can alternate between these as this will ensure that you do not get high bills and at the same time, your car/bike gets maximum care.

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