PPF Vs Ceramic Coating - Which is Better?

Updated On: 1 August 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Are you confused regarding which Paint Protection to choose? Here is everything you need to know about PPF and Ceramic Coating. Give this article a read!

The automotive world surely would have experienced problems with the body coats of vehicles. It is quite common to see paint-related damages that cause the vehicles to slowly wither away with rust.

Back in the day during the Vietnam war, the US military faced problems related to having scratches and paint damage on their vehicles. It was quite an inconvenience that we face even today. To find a solution to the problem of vehicles encountering debris and natural elements which resulted in paint related damages, the US military took help from their local detailers.

It was at this juncture, PPF or paint protection films came into existence. PPF helped the military save time and energy put forth into the maintenance of their fleet as it protected the paint and body of not only their land-based vehicles but also their aircraft. Soon after its invention, the automotive world began to take notice of this product and thus, it became a part of today's era to keep the paint job on our cars and bikes pristine.

A while later though, the world turned its eyes keenly to Ceramic coating products. At the turn of the century, in 2000, ceramic coating products came into existence to protect the body of vehicles. Ceramic coating became a normal concept in the industry as more and more people opted for it. Today, they are seen as one of the major products to sustain the life of automobiles even for generations to come. Here, we give you a detailed PPF vs Ceramics Coating comparison -

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What is Paint Protection Film or a PPF?

PPF and Ceramic coating

Paint Protection Film is commonly known as PPF and Clear Bra. Yes, the name Clear Bra seems quite comical, however, it is a product and term that was used in the past. If you take a close look at pictures of cars in the 90s, you could find a black leather fixed in the front, this was called a black leather bra. It is basically a paint protection film that was thick in size when compared to today's standards.

It was only with the advancement of technology that PPF became the light and transparent material that we see today. Nowadays, paint protection films are extremely mailable and can be stretched with heat to fit in complex spaces or gaps of vehicles. This makes them completely tucked away and invisible on cars. So, if you would have to ask us which is better? We would recommend PPF over ceramic coating.

Unlike Ceramic products, PPF also has hydrophobic properties which repel water. It can protect cars from acidic contaminants, mineral deposits, acid rain, bug splatter and rock chips. Also, PPF has a top layer that consists of elastomeric polymers which take damage from rock chips. It then reverts to its original shape after absorption of hazards mentioned earlier.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

PPF and Ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent layer of protection that can be added or applied to paint, chrome elements, and also plastic trim of your vehicle. It is primarily composed of ingredients such as Silica Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide which has properties that can protect the paint and other body parts of the vehicle.

Basically, a coating is applied to the body of the car. The coating then fills tiny pores of the paint giving it a glossy look. A hydrophobic characteristic is showcased by the paint. By hydrophobic, we mean that the paint gets a water beading characteristic that will keep the car extremely clean.

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Paint Protection Film (PPF) vs Ceramic Coating - Which is Better?

PPF and Ceramic coating

PPF and Ceramic coating are both recommended as they share many benefits, however, they have some distinctive features which will help you in finding the best solution for your vehicle.

PPF provides better protection against damage caused by road debris and rock chips when compared with Ceramic coating. PPF has the ability to absorb the damage even before it touches the paint. Unlike PPF, Ceramic coating does not have a urethane film to protect the paint, however, it does a great job in providing a glossy finish.

On the other hand, Ceramic coating is a much more permanent solution. PPF offers a lot more protection, however, it must be replaced eventually as the film may turn yellow and get blisters. PPF may also dull the glossiness of the paint whereas, Ceramic coating enhances it.


PPF has the ability to protect the paint from rock chips and scratches however, Ceramic coating gives glossiness and will make cleaning the car much easier as it has a hydrophobic nature. They both are good choices however, it all comes down to the convenience of the buyer to make a choice.

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Which paint protection would you choose between PPF vs Ceramic Coating? Please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, join our 91Wheels Telegram and 91Wheels Whatsapp group to know more about vehicles, conduct discussions on your favourite ride and much more!

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