Here's How You Can Change Your Motorcycle's Engine Oil At Home

Updated On: 11 May 2022, By Shipranshu Pandey

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Here's How You Can Change Your Motorcycle's Engine Oil At Home

Motorcycle owners frequently perform basic vehicle maintenance at home, which includes several key elements. One of them is oil changes, which are necessary for your motorcycle to run smoothly. Irregular engine oil changes can result in an overheated engine, affect various components, and can decrease overall motorcycle performance. Here are the few steps which can help you to change your motorcycle's engine oil at home.

Prepare Your Motorcycle

To begin, ensure your bike is on the stand. Turn on your motorcycle's engine and let it run for 1 to 2 minutes to make your engine oil less viscous so that it drains out more easily while changing it. Meanwhile, prepare your tools, which should contain new engine oil, a new oil filter, a drain pan, a set of basic tools, a measuring beaker, a funnel, and some clean-up cloths. 

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Remove the Used Oil

Motorcycle Engine Oil

Once your motorbike is warm, the used oil should then be gently drained onto a drain pan. Different models have different locations for the valves that drain the bike oil (consult the user manual). Take the drain screw and place the container beneath the drain outlet, making sure it can hold all of the oil that has to be drained. Tilt the motorcycle and hold it there for a few minutes. Continue this procedure until the used oil has been entirely drained.

Clean the drain cover and its gasket after the reservoir is empty. Replace the gasket if it appears to be worn out, then screw the drain cover back in properly.

Remove and Replace the Oil Filter

Motorcycle's Engine Oil

Locate the oil filter by consulting the manufacturer's service manual.
Depending on the type of filter, you'll need to use the appropriate tool to remove it. The filter is almost certainly full of oil; keep the tray nearby so that any remaining oil can be dumped into it. Make sure to apply a little amount of new oil to the new oil filter before replacing it. This will ensure that it goes smoothly into the engine and is easily removed when the oil filter has to be changed. Install the replacement oil filter by hand.

Pour the New Engine Oil

Motorcycle Engine Oil

Consult the service handbook when adding oil to your motorcycle's oil tank to establish the exact amount and type of oil to use. Open the engine oil valve screw and install a funnel to help the oil flow. After that, add the freshly measured oil to the engine. Don't overfill the oil! It puts undue stress on your engine's seals, shortening their life. Allow the new oil to circulate by starting the engine without revving it.

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Dispose the Used Oil Properly

The appropriate disposal of used oil is an important aspect of the oil changing process. Remember that waste oil can be extremely toxic to the environment and should not be flushed, thrown away, or poured down the drain. You can drop it off at a municipal recycling centre or an auto parts store.

These are the five easy procedures to change your motorcycle's engine oil at home. After each oil change, you may rest assured that the bike will be in fantastic condition.

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