Check Out These Things Before You Take Delivery Of Your New Car - Pre-Delivery Inspection Explained

Updated On: 29 July 2021 Shakti Nath Jha

Buying a new car is not as simple as walking into a showroom and picking one off the shelf. The process starts with scouting through catalogues of cars and understanding each's specifications and pricing before you can decide on one. Then you need to look at arranging for finances and loans and also the registration of the car, etc. The most important duty, however, before registration is the pre-delivery inspection. One needs to check a lot of things before taking the delivery of a new car. So, today in this article, we have shared with you all a complete guide on pre-delivery inspection.

A Complete Guide On Pre-Delivery Inspection

A Complete Guide On Pre-Delivery Inspection

What is a pre-delivery inspection, and why is it so important?

Pre-delivery inspection is a very important task carried out by the dealer before the car is registered. It includes a thorough checking of fluid levels, all the mechanical parts, the exterior and interior of the car, road test, scratches, etc. You should insist on getting a pre-delivery inspection done by the dealer so that any issues, major or minor, can be flagged immediately. The dealer can fix the minor issues, while the major ones are taken care of by the respective experts. In some cases, you might even need a full replacement of the car for issues that cannot be fixed. 

What is a pre-delivery checklist?

We have broken down the PDI checklist into three major parts

Checking the registration once the car arrives

Ensure that you ask for Form 22 or the VIN of the car before it gets registered to your name. This is a major concern as sometimes dealers give the older model and then there's nothing you can do about it. In addition to this, make sure you also check the odometer reading of the vehicle and look out for the dents, paint quality or any such minor scratches that will be a problem in future.

Before the delivery happens

A thorough check of the exteriors of the car. Make sure this is carried out in broad daylight and in an outdoor area. Look for scratches, dents, and discolouration, if any. There could be colour differences in the paint and polish on different parts of the car.

There is a manufacturer's mark present across all window panes and windows. Make sure that the car's model name and year of manufacturing are the same everywhere.

Open the bonnet of the car. The engine should be sparkling clean for any new car. Look out for any cut or loose wires, oil spills, damaged parts, detached parts, missing caps, etc.

Next, check the boot of the car. A brand new car should have a clean and unused boot area. Additionally, you should also find these in your boot: Jack and spanner, Tool kit and Stepney.

A Complete Guide On Pre-Delivery Inspection

There should be no damaged or missing parts or any loose wires in the boot area either. 

Stepney is an important part of any new car. You should check it thoroughly to ensure that it is brand new and free of any damages.

Check all the doors, windows, bonnet lid, and boot lid to see if they open and close properly. There should be no visible scratches or marks that show signs of usage.

If your car comes with a remote control lock-unlock system, make sure it works fine.

Check the interiors of the car. There should be no marks or scratches on the dashboard, roof, door, seats, etc.

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Start the car and check if all the electronic components are working fine. Check the:

Music system
Play the radio or it's better to connect Bluetooth or Apple Car Play/Android Auto to check the connectivity. Next, check the speaker output and if there's sound coming from an individual speaker.

Air conditioner
Ensure to turn on the car AC and check all the vents if the proper circulation of air is happening or not.

Use the lights in low as well as high beams and ensure that they are working properly. Adjust the headlight leveller also to check if it's working accurately.

Brake lights
Like the headlights, the taillights too needs to be checked. Make sure you take someone with you so the process gets easier.

Fog lights
If your car has fog lights then turn them on and check their functioning.

Parking lights
Make sure that the parking lights are well illuminated.

Check the functioning of the wipers and see if they are properly wiping the water from the windshield or not. Similarly, if you have a rear wiper then check the functioning of that too. Also, check the speed of the wipers at different levels.

Make sure you press the horn at least 5-6 times in any way possible. A functional horn ensures that you drive smoothly on roads.

Make sure the indicators are properly working.

Documentation check

RC Book
Even though this process comes when taking the delivery of your car, make sure you remind the sales person to keep this thing in mind.

PUC certificate
You need not worry about the pollution in a new car as it is valid for 1 year on a new car. Do not waste your money on this.

Warranty card/ documents
If you have opted for an additional warranty then make sure you receive the documents via email or you have the hard copy for yourself.

Manual for car and other equipment
Check to see if the car has proper tools and the manual for understanding various features of the car.

Invoice and sales certificate
Make sure you check the invoice and sales certificate amount and the amount is equal to what you paid for. Check the RTO as well as the Green tax. The latter is widely used in Delhi and NCR.

Insurance policy
Check the policy again and take the zero depreciation along with some other benefits that will be helpful in the longer run.

Warranty card for the music system, battery, and tires
If you have opted for the music system, new battery or the alloy wheels from the dealer itself then ensure you have a warranty and receipts for everything.

Payment receipt for all tools and parts
If you have opted for any accessory then make sure you have a payment recept for that item.

A Complete Guide On Pre-Delivery Inspection
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Delivery Time

Check the car thoroughly again
Now, we know it is a lot to ask but a lot can happen between the PDI and the date of delivery. Ensure every point is taken care of and then only take the delivery.

Check the tyre pressure
Often the tyre pressure is neglected the most when people take deliveries so make sure that there is enough air to ease up your travel.

Check the fuel
Make sure that there is enough fuel in the vehicle so you can get to the nearest fuel pump easily.

Check the RC as well as the number plate
You have to take care of the fact that the numbers on the plate and on your RC are the same. It sounds silly but this has happened a lot with the buyers and it is only because of the carelessness of the dealer.

Ensure all accessories are there
If you have opted for the accessories from the dealer then make sure it is there.

Check the mileage of the car
In your pre-delivery inspection and on the date of delivery, the car must have travelled a few kilometres. Ensure it is not more than 100 km.

Check all tyres and Stepney if they're of the same company and profile
When you will be checking out the tyre pressure of the car then make sure you check the profile of the tyre and if they belong to the same manufacturer.

Duplicate keys
If the salesperson denies giving the second key then do not take the delivery at all. Make sure that you receive that second key on the day of delivery itself.

This inspection needs to be done before the car's registration because once the car is registered, there is no guarantee that the dealer would accept or even look into the problems present in the car. So, this was a complete guide on pre-delivery inspection. Do you follow these steps while taking the delivery of your new car? Do feel free to share your opinions with all of us in the comments section below. You can also join our 91Wheels Auto Enthusiast Telegram group (click via mobile to join) curated exclusively for the fans, enthusiasts and owners. Further, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more amazing motoring updates.

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