Should You Buy BS4 Vehicles Now? All Questions Answered

It is the month of March and we are inching towards the Bharat Stage 4 emission norms deadline. From 1st April 2020, no BS4 vehicles, whether it's a car or bike, will be registered and you cannot legally acquire them from any of the dealerships of any brand. So is it the right time and the right choice to go for a BS4 vehicle? We are here to answer all your questions regarding the BS4 car/bike purchase.

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Should You Consider a BS4 car/bike Over the BS6 Compliant One?

Absolutely yes! Although it isn't the case we saw at the time of BS4 transition from BS3 in the motorcycle market when 2 wheelers were sold at a colossal discount to clear the existing stock. A lot of car and bike manufacturers have already launched their BS6 compliant cars and bikes to play a safe transition. OEMs like MSIL, Hyundai Motors, Tata Motors, Kia Motors India etc have already launched their popular cars with BS6 compliant engines. Same is the case with bike OEMs like Honda Motorcycles and Hero Motorcycles who has already launched the BS6-compliant bikes in the market before the deadline.

But it is obvious that there are a bunch of BS4 cars and bikes of different manufacturers which are residing in the dealer's stockyards, especially the vehicles with less market demand. You can crack a great deal and avail a huge discount on the BS4 stock at dealer level as they have to clear all the BS4 stock before 31st March 2020. Cars like Nissan Kicks, Renault Duster, Tata Nexon (BS4), Ford Ecosport etc can be bought with a heavy discount. There is no harm to go with BS4 vehicles as they are fundamentally the same as the BS6 vehicles. BS6 vehicles are technically advanced in emitting fewer gases and particulates but rest of the factors are the same as of BS4 vehicles.

Will the BS6 Fuel be Compatible with BS4 Cars?

Well, in this regard, you don't need to worry. Oil manufacturers and sellers will make sure to sell compatible Petrol, Diesel and CNG which will be safe to run with both BS6 and BS4 vehicles. BS6 fuel will be a lot cleaner and eco-friendly when compared to BS4 and your vehicle will result in no problem as it is burning a good quality fuel inside. In some cases, you might also get a refined experience and good fuel economy too.

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Will BS4 Vehicles Turn Out to Be a Safe Bet Legally?

Again, you shouldn't be concerned on this note either. All the BS4 cars and bikes you buy today will have exactly the same running life as of the BS6 cars and bikes. Some people might think that the Government will ban their BS4 cars and bikes after some years but there is no such case in a real-life scenario. Your car will be valid to run on the road for 15 years from the date of purchase in case of petrol and for 10 years from the date of purchase in case of diesel.

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One more point to be noted and you should it keep in mind while purchasing a BS4 vehicle that the respected dealership from where you are buying your vehicle will register your vehicle in the RTO office before 31st March 2020. If it will not be registered before 31st March 2020, there will be no other way to register your vehicle later and it could be illegal to use.

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