Check Out The 10 Benefits Of Buying An EV In India

Updated On: 18 May 2021, By Dheeraj Nair

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Check Out The 10 Benefits Of Buying An EV In India

You might have heard that electric vehicles are the future of mobility but we believe that the future is already here. India has already welcomed EVs and people are gradually stepping up to buy an EV for their daily commute and occasional trips. We say that the future is today! So why not buy one? Not convinced? Please read the 10 benefits of buying an EV in India now....

The EV industry is picking up from where they left and it seems to be helping them in a positive manner. However, there are stereotypes that are stuck with the EV industry which we at 91Wheels believe is high time to be crumpled and tossed away.

Today, we present you the 10 benefits of Buying an EV in India. Let us help create sustainable mobility:


10 Benefits Buying EV

As you know, combustion engines require more complex software and technology. They have more mechanical parts which are prone to wear and tear as time passes. This would mean that you need regular maintenance and service to keep combustion engine equipped vehicles healthy. However, when compared to combustion engine vehicles, Electric vehicles do not have complex mechanical parts and would only require minimal maintenance which means more money in your kitty.


10 Benefits Buying EV

IC engines today are run by fuel which is as costly as gold in India (Figure of expression). To a commoner, buying fuel is a deadly heist performed by the seller, hence, the only option to come out of it is buying an EV. For example, Hyundai Kona delivers 450kms in a single charge with only approximately 40units of electricity consumption.

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10 Benefits Buying EV

The running cost of an IC engine equipped vehicle is higher than an Electric vehicle. For example, Hyundai Kona can run up to 450Kms with a running cost of less than a rupee per kilometre in India. I am sure that most of the readers are convinced with the first three points but give the rest a read. You will be amazed to find what an EV can offer.


10 Benefits Buying EV

An EV does not make noise at all. It's simple, they do not have any IC engine under the hood to create clutter and knocking sounds. You can sleep like a baby while travelling long distances due to the noise-free functionality. Did you know? EV manufacturers have to build in fake exhaust and engine noises to let pedestrians know that you are arriving since EVs are so silent. So, buying an electric vehicle is equal to protecting your environment from noise pollution.


Another benefit of buying an EV, especially in Delhi is getting incentives. Now, the Delhi Government has introduced a new electric vehicle policy under which additional subsidy benefits up to Rs.1.5 Lakhs can be availed. You can read more about it by clicking below.

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10 Benefits Buying EV

Did you know that your home can be your personal EV charging station? IC engines require you to go fuel up at bunks which seems normal, However, on a busy day, it would become hectic for you to wait for others to fuel up. Now owning an EV is an escape from long queues because you can charge at your home for 4-5 hours to fully juice up the batteries.


10 Benefits Buying EV

Driving an EV is fun. All the Electric vehicles in India, starting from a scooter all the way up to buses are gearless. This could only mean one thing- no more stress driving in traffic! As mentioned earlier, electric vehicles are a load of fun to drive because of the torque output that the motor offer. The performance of electric vehicles is extremely pleasing. You can feel the speed and have fun throwing them around corners without any difficulty.


Let us face the fact that our mother earth is deteriorating day by day due to the amount of pollution that we create. However, we could stop this from worsening by contributing something to ourselves. Yes, by buying an EV, you can reduce the carbon footprint meaning that we can create a better environment for all of us to live in.

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Are you Carrying limited luggage to fit in your car? No more of that fuss because now buying an EV means more space. Since there is no engine under the hood, an EV will have two Boots! One in the rear like usual and one upfront under the bonnet. Also, electric vehicles provide extreme comfort since there is no transmission tunnel to take away the space inside the cabin. The rear side of the cabin will have a flat floor so, the person sitting in the middle can also sit comfortably.


10 Benefits Buying EV

"EVs are the future" is a common statement that we hear on a daily basis and a true statement too because fossil fuels are depleting. There will be a time when we cannot get it anymore. So Governments globally have taken up the initiative to move towards renewable resources to power vehicles.

We are sure that by now, everyone is convinced that electric vehicles are the way to go forward, to have a better driving experience and most importantly a better lifestyle.

Do you believe that this could be the face of sustainable mobility in India? What do you think about these 10 benefits of buying an EV in India?

Please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.  Also, join our 91Wheels Telegram group to know more about vehicles, conduct discussions on your favourite ride and much more!

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