All You Need To Know About Types Of Wiper Blades For Cars

Updated On: 18 September 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Did you know that there are different types of wiper blades in the market based on specific uses? Do you know which wiper blade will suit your requirement? If not, give this article a read!

The advancement in technology has facilitated the evolution of the automobile sector which grew drastically into one of man's greatest mobility-based solutions. However, with the progressive improvement in technological components equipped on vehicles, the complexity of functional fitments grew extensively.

Today, automobiles are far more complex when compared to the mobility-based products that were manufactured initially, however, the basic concept has remained the same throughout the century. One such automobile component that evolved to become complex but has retained the basic concept is the windshield wipers.

The first operational windscreen wipers were invented in 1903 by an American inventor called Mary Anderson. Since their initial introduction, wipers have had a practical utility. Albeit, it has an obvious function, the system has by far become complex for making the users lives easier.

Although wipers have made things much easier, it is crucial to maintain them for best results, like each and every other component that is onboard a vehicle. Also, it is important to note the fact that like every other product, there are different types of wipers to choose from based on the intensity and conditions of work. Since wipers are not so much discussed in the automotive world, we thought of presenting you guys with an article that explains the different types of wipers.

So, to begin with, let us discuss the different types of wipers in detail:

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Conventional Wiper:

 Conventional Wiper:

Conventional wiper blades are the basic type of windscreen wipers that have the primary function of removing water from the windscreen. They resemble the look of a coat hanger and comes in different sizes. Conventional wiper blades range from 10 to 28 inches in size and usually comes with a metal body that comprises a central bridge and articulated links. They are known for being extremely robust, however, they lack longevity especially when left out under direct sunlight.

Spoiler Wiper:

 types of wiper blades

Spoiler wiper blades look almost similar to conventional wiper blades. They have a strong central bridge that has integrated links connected to a flexible joint. Spoiler wiper blades also look like a coat hanger and function extremely well in challenging conditions. What makes it different from conventional wipers is its full spoiler like body that runs the length of the blade. This allows it to stay close to the windscreen and remain heavy-duty.

Flat Wiper Blades:

flat wiper blade

Flat wiper blades are the type of windscreen wiper blade that most automobile manufacturers prefer on their different range of vehicles. When compared to the first two types of wiper blades aforementioned, they come in a different design. As the name suggests, flat wiper blades have a flatter design that is sleek yet functional.

The flexible nature of the blades allows them to provide uniform pressure on the contact surface as a result of which they operate optimally even in the toughest conditions. In addition to this, flat wiper blades are compact and sleek due to which drivers get a better field of vision.

Hybrid Wiper Blades:

Hybrid wiper blades

Hybrid wiper blades are robust and built to last thanks to their solid construction that is carried on from the conventional type of wiper blades. They are aerodynamically designed for smooth airflow and to resist extreme friction between the windscreen and the wiper blade itself. The body of the wiper blade is constructed with plastic materials that form its aerodynamic shape. Underneath the plastic body is a steel structure that strengthens and supports the rubber element.

Hybrid wiper blades are designed to flex to the shape of a windscreen for functioning smoothly and efficiently. Also, they are also known for being quiet during operations.

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Specific Fit Wiper Blades

rear windshield wiper of a car

Specific fit wiper blades are the rear wiper blades that are designed for specific vehicles. They are original equipment replacements that are unique in design. They come with special adaptors and a robust structure that is up to the task of cleaning and removing contaminants from the rear windshield. Also, do note that specific fit wiper blades can either be a conventional type or flat-type wiper blade.

Thus, the above mentioned are the types of wiper blades that are currently available in the market. Now that we have discussed the different types of wiper blades, let us find out how to choose the right type of wiper blades for your vehicle:

How To Choose The Right Type Of Wiper Blades?

Apart from understanding the different characteristics and benefits of a wiper blade, it is important to know other factors such as size and condition of usage to determine which wiper blade is best for your vehicle. This can be figured out easily by browsing through the owners manual.

There are plenty of reasons why the size of wiper blades matters. First and foremost, each vehicle that rolls out of the factory comes equipped with wipers of different sizes. By this, we mean that one wiper blade could be smaller than its counterpart, therefore, it is crucial to install the correct wiper blades for best results.

Then comes the conditions in which wipers will be used. If the user is a person who drives through challenging conditions or lives in an area prone to rainfall or snow almost throughout the year, then flat wiper blades are recommended as they have the potential to withstand tough conditions. On the other hand, hybrid wiper blades are a whole different story. They are meant to withstand the extreme wind that is encountered while driving on highways or a race track, therefore, persons who drive their vehicle in such conditions will benefit from them.

As for the people who drive their vehicles in intermediate conditions, conventional wiper blades would benefit them as they provide decent performance. Thus, it is clear that choosing a particular type of wiper blade would require one to know the size and condition of usage apart from knowing its characteristics.

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