MG Astor VS MG Hector: Which One Should You Buy?

Updated On: 11 October 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Have you not checked out this MG Astor VS MG Hector Article yet? If not, be the first one to know the differences and similarities between the two SUVs!

MG Astor is a five-seater subcompact SUV that was revealed quite recently in the Indian market with great pomp. The SUV was awaited with much anticipation as it is a new offering from MG Motors in the mid-size SUV space. The Astor is the brand's flagship product that MG plans to compete with the current segment leader- the Hyundai Creta.

The SUV reinforces its presence with its macho design and robust styling in the sub-compact SUV space but more importantly, it is offered as an alternative to consumers who are not willing to opt for a huge SUV like the Hector. The MG Hector is substantially larger than the Astor in dimensions, however, both the SUVs are part of the mid-size SUV segment. Therefore, it is quite natural for enthusiasts as well as consumers to get confused regarding which vehicle to choose.

At this juncture, we at 91Wheels believe that it is necessary to compare MG Astor with MG Hector, two flagship SUVs that fall in the same segment. To begin with, let us compare the dimension of the two SUVs to represent the concerns of the consumers:

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MG Astor VS MG Hector: Dimensions

Mg Astor VS MG Hector
Dimensions (in mm)AstorHector

The aforementioned details in the table clearly point out the fact that the Astor is smaller in size compared to the Hector, whatsoever, the two vehicles have proportions that are quite comparable due to the minor difference in dimensions.

However, the main difference between the two SUVs is their lengths which also has a significant effect on the wheelbase. This establishes the fact that due to the difference in length, the boot and cabin space of the Hector is quite larger than the Astor. With this being said, the Astor cannot be discounted as a small SUV that is not spacious enough. As for the height, the two SUVs have a tall stance but on paper, the MG Hector is bigger than the Astor as per the reference ( Table-1).

MG Astor VS Hector Specs Comparison

MG Hector
Engine1.5L Petrol and
1.4L Turbo Petrol
1.5L Turbo-Petrol,
1.5L Turbo-Petrol with Mild Hybrid,
2.0L Diesel
Transmission6-speed manual
CVT / Automatic
6-speed manual
Power110 PS / 140 PS143 PS (P) / 170 PS (D)
Torque144 Nm / 220 Nm250 Nm (P) / 350 Nm (D)

The aforementioned details in 'Table-2.' clearly mentions the fact that MG Hector is the more powerful vehicle when compared with the Astor. Also, the Hector has a diesel powertrain which is not offered in Astor.

On the other hand, the turbo petrol engine of the Astor and the Petrol engine of the Hector has quite a similar power figure on paper, however, the Hector has the upper hand in terms of torque. As for the transmission, both the vehicles come with 6 speed CVT, however, the Hector gets a DCT in the petrol variant.

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Comparison of Features:

MG Astor ADAS 2

In terms of features, the Hector is loaded with tech that was deemed best-in-segment during the time of its debut. The Astor also comes equipped with modern technology and gizmos that are appreciated by auto enthusiasts, however, comparing to the Hector, the list of features on offer is slightly less on the Astor.

The Astor has first-in-segment Level 2 ADAS (Autonomous Driver Assistance System). It features Automatic Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, Forward Collision Warning, Reverse Parking Assist, Speed Warning system, Lane Departure Warning and much more. In addition to these features, the Astor comes with AI integrated personal virtual assistant that supports various functions such as Navigation, Hold Conversations, Safety Warning Function, Multiple Language support and even jokes.

Keep reading the comparison article- MG Astor VS MG Hector to know which you should buy!

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Comparison of Styling:

MG Astor

The Astor and Hector have a unique design that is aesthetically appealing. As for the Astor, at the front-end, it gets an all-new hexagonal 'Celestial' chrome grille that has a black finish coupled with chrome accents and a huge MG badge. The vehicle gets black bezels around the fog lamps that give it a rugged and sporty look. Also, the sharp arrow-shaped LED DRLs that are integrated into the projector headlamps in the upper section present it with an upmarket feel.

On the other hand, Hector's headlamp and DRL setup surely seem unique and different from the conventional design. The sharp-looking LED DRLs in the upper portion of the front-end and C-shaped headlamps in the lower section give Hector an upmarket feel.

The Astor also gets new dual-tone alloy wheels like the Hector that contribute to the good looks of the side profile. The subcompact SUV also has structural reinforcements for better pedestrian safety. However, unlike Hector, the Astor gets minimal creases and lines that add to the simplicity of its unique design. In addition to all this, the SUV comes with black-coloured wing mirrors and body-coloured door handles. Also, the chunky roof rails add to the bold character of Astor. 

At the rear, both the SUVs have a black cladding that runs across the width of the tailgate. The Astor's tailgate houses an arrow-shaped LED embellisher with Astor lettering in chrome. The MG Hector on the other hand has an edgy looking LED taillight. It even gets a stylish skid plate. It would not be fair to leave out the fact that like the Astors front end, the rear end also presents a macho look.  


Vehicle powertrain Diesel powertrainPetrol Powertrain
MG Astor pricenil Rs.9.78 Lakh - Rs.16.78 Lakh
MG Hector price Rs. 14.98 Lakh - Rs. 19.35 Lakh Rs.13.49 Lakh - Rs.18.69 Lakh

As for the price, the MG Astor has been launched at Rs 9.78 lakh and the price goes all the way up to Rs 16.78 lakh (all prices introductory, ex-showroom). On the other hand, the Hector is offered in the price range of Rs.13.49 to Rs.19.35 Lakh. Therefore, considering the fact that the Astor is much cheaper than the Hector and offers more features that are missing in the Hector, we would recommend the MG Astor.


It is quite inevitable to state the fact that MG Hector is the bigger and mightier SUV among the two but the Astor features modern tech and gizmos that are first-in-segment. Therefore, we would recommend the MG Astor any day, at any time.

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