What Are Bicycle Suspension Lockout Systems? Find Out Here

Updated On: 21 July 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Have you been using the bicycle suspension lockout system correctly? Do you know what is the actual function of that suspension knob?

Cycles have come a long way from being initially used as a toy to a much more serious and advanced business. Today, cycling can be called an extreme activity since they are used by professionals for trail riding experiences, thanks to the bicycle suspension lockout.

Initially, cycles were not equipped with suspension setups which are essential for trail riding. Such bicycles were called rigid cycles as they have no suspension for enhancing riders' comfort. However, in the current times, suspensions are sold as an OE fitment on most of the cycles. Eventually, they became an essential part of a bicycle in contemporary times and slowly evolved into something that has an advanced function. Today, suspension comes in various designs and one of the most important setups they have is the "suspension lockout function."

Let us discuss what is a bicycle lockout suspension in detail without any ado:

What is a Bicycle Suspension Lockout System?

A bicycle suspension lockout system basically has a switch placed right on top of the front forks of MTB and Hybrid bicycles. When it is engaged, the low-speed compression rate of the front forks is adjusted to a level that makes the suspension rigid. There are two kinds of switches-one which are found on the top of the stanchion while the other on the handlebar which is called a remote lockout.

Bicycle suspension lockout

How Does Bicycle Suspension Lockout On MTBs Help The Rider?

To understand the function of a bicycle suspension lockout, we need to understand the functions of rigid bicycles. A rigid bicycle has neither a front nor rear suspension. This ensures that the rider's energy exerted while pedalling is directly transferred to the wheels without being absorbed by the suspensions. This results in better performance but is only beneficial on the tarmac and plain surfaces.

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The disadvantage of rigid cycles is that they do not provide comfort and seems punishing while riding on uneven terrains or tough road conditions. Also, large drops are almost impossible to bear since they do not have suspension to absorb the impact. The solution to such a difficulty is to either buy two cycles- one with suspension and the other without or face the tough conditions which neither of them seems feasible. Hence, this is where the suspension lockout comes into play.

With just the flick of a switch, the suspension can be made rigid for riding on flat surfaces for maximum performance and smooth for riding on rough terrains.

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What is a Remote Lockout System on an MTB?

Bicycle suspension lockout

A remote Lockout system is a lockout system for suspensions that can be controlled with the help of a dial fixed on the handlebar of the bicycle. The benefit of having a remote lockout system is clear, as one would not have to get off the cycle to set the lockout function. With just a flick, the rider could easily shift from rigid setup to smooth setup with the help of a remote lockout system. A remote lockout system can be installed for rear suspension lockout too.

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