Check Out The 5 Best Bicycle Helmet Sold In India

Updated On: 23 June 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Are you on the hunt for a good bicycle helmet for your cycling ventures? Check out these 5 best bicycle helmet sold in India. It is worth your time so why not give it a read.

Cycling is one of the leisure activities that could be enjoyed to the fullest of human abilities. It is considered as one of the best ways to enjoy nature and its uniqueness. Cyclists often take time to ponder upon things that they witness during each ride. It helps one to identify the notions of life without any hesitance. Cycling is the art of learning your surroundings with much depth, however, to have a wonderful experience, one must learn to abide by rules and norms to keep out of danger and hazards.

Caution and anticipation prior to each ride is the key to having a safe cycling venture. Injuries are part of this mobility if one is not cautious while riding. This is the reason why many equipment and accessories are developed for cyclists. Even though cycling is a fun activity, without proper safety gear, one could put their life at stake.

It is important to understand that whether it is a street or mountain trail that you are riding on, accidents can happen in a fraction of seconds. Hence without the proper safety gear, you might hurt yourself badly. It could even lead you to unfortunate consequences.

The best way to avoid a bad scenario is by wearing a bicycle helmet. Wearing a bicycle helmet can make all the difference in the world to you, So we recommend these 5 best bicycle helmet sold in India:

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The Firefox RD 4 Helmet:

The Firefox RD 4 Helmet is developed and manufactured to perfection to give you the safest riding experience. The helmet has been designed for the practical needs of a rider who commutes within the urban jungle and goes for occasional recreational cycling ventures.

The Firefox RD 4 helmets have a functional Airflow system that ensures proper ventilation necessary while riding on a sunny day. It also comes with a removable visor and is fully adjustable. The following are the specs of the Firefox RD 4 Helmet:

  • The Bicycle helmet has been constructed with Polycarbonate Plastic Shell which makes it lightweight yet robust.
  • It has been equipped with an optimized vent Airflow system for ventilation and comes with a removable visor.
  • The helmet comes in two sizes: Medium which is 53 to 58cm and Large which is 58 to 62 cm

The helmet is priced at Rs.1,800 (approx)

The Hercules Cycling Helmet:

The Hercules Cycling Helmet is one of the best cycling helmets that is suitable for beginners who commute on City streets. It is made out of premium quality materials which makes the helmet lightweight and easy to wear. According to its users, the helmet does not cause any discomfort while riding, making it ideal for beginners.

The following are the specifications of the Hercules Cycling Helmet:

  • The helmet has been constructed with a premium quality mold PC shell which is coupled to an ITW buckle.
  • It has been certified by experts and gets CE EN1078 certification.
  • There are vents for air circulation which makes every ride easy and comfortable and it has been designed to weigh less. The weight of the helmet is just 230 grams which is quite impressive.

The Hercules Cycling Helmet has been priced generously at Rs.1599.

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The XMR Helmet 200:

5 best bicycle helmet sold in India

XMR helmet 200 is one of the most affordable helmets offered by the Indian Brand known as T.I Cycles. This helmet has been designed to meet the demands of beginner bicycle enthusiasts. It has been made of PVC/EPS shell and has pads to keep the rider comfortable while wearing this helmet. The 25 air vents for ventilation keeps the rider cool even during a hot day.

The following are the specifications of the XMR helmet 200:

  • The helmet has been constructed with high-quality mould along with PVC/EPS Shell.
  • The Inside of the shell has comfortable pads to keep the rider cool even on a sunny day and there are vents for air circulation too.
  • The Helmet is lightweight since it weighs around 250 grams

The XMR helmet has been priced at Rs.995 making it one of the most affordable helmets currently sold in the market.

The Giant Compel Helmet:

5 best bicycle helmet sold in India

The Giant Compel Helmet has superior build quality and is one of the most premium helmets currently available in the market. The helmet has the TransTextura Plus feature which is anti-microbial padding that stops the growth of bacteria. It basically sucks the sweat and sends it out through the AirFlow ventilation ports.

The helmet has the ability to take high-speed impacts thanks to the optimized EPS and robust polycarbonate shell. The following are the specifications of the Giat Compel Helmet:

  • The helmet has been constructed with low-density EPS and an ultra-thin Polycarbonate shell that can absorb the impact.
  • The helmet gets CPSC/CE; AS/NS certification, making it one of the safest and premium class helmets sold in India.
  • The Giant Compel Helmet gets the TransTextura Plus feature that has an anti-microbial function and weighs approximately 335 grams.

The helmet comes at a price of Rs.3,999 which is worth every penny you spend.

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Merida Team Race Helmet:

5 best bicycle helmet sold in India

The Merida Team Race helmet has been designed to be used by daily commuters who ride within the city limits. Basically, it a street bicycle-oriented helmet that has been constructed with a strong shell. It has 12 air vents for breathability and has been designed aerodynamically. The helmet gets a Micro Dial Fit system which ensures a perfect fit. The following are the specifications of this bicycle helmet:

It has been constructed with Single Inmould for better durability and reliability.

The Merida Team Race helmet gets a fit system known as the Micro Dial Fit System which ensures that the helmet fits the riders head irrespective of size.

It has good ventilation thanks to the 12 vents which circulate air in and out of the helmet ensuring that the rider's head remains cool even during summer. It weighs only 260 grams making it easy to carry and comfortable while wearing.

The Merida Race Helmet has been priced at Rs. 4,390

What do you think about these 5 best bicycle helmet sold in India? Would you get one of these? Please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, join our 91Wheels Telegram and 91Wheels Whatsapp group to know more about vehicles, conduct discussions on your favourite ride and much more!

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