Hypersonic Entertainment System - Are They Good? It's Types?

20 Mar 2021 Jatin Jhamb

Are you looking for the best in modern technology for your cars entertainment system? Hypersonic could be your answer. It is a brand that is making waves in the world of car accessories with state-of-the-art android infotainment units to jazz up your ride.

About Hypersonic
Established in 2018, Hypersonic affiliated with the car audio sales and services enterprise, Grover Car Sound. With over 30 years of experience in the business, Hypersonic car stereo systems combine the best in modern technology to make driving convenient and entertaining with the best-rated Indian android stereos. Offering great fit with more than 200 OEM models for Indian car brands, Hypersonic android head units are recommended by top automobile websites.

Best Features of Hypersonic Car Stereo
Here are some important features of Hypersonic car stereos that have made them the best selling head units in the Indian market today:

Complete Android Experience
These car stereos are compatible with most android devices and allow you to download and utilise most android apps. You can directly access Google PlayStore for popular apps like YouTube and Facebook as well.

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State-of-the-Art Display Systems
The multi-touch capacitive display systems offer easy media and system control. Protected by Gorilla Glass, these rear seat head units and display monitors are also durable after regular use. The sizes are specific to various car models, offering the best fit and design compatibility as well. It does not look like an over-the-top accessory and blends in easily with the interiors of your car.

Great Storage and Memory
With models starting with a 2GB RAM and 16GB expandable memory, you have ample storage for all your media and android applications. USB inputs give you the option of using external memory devices for a better experience.

Easy Connectivity and Control
It has different media, navigation and system control options that can be accessed with the touch screen or built-in car steering controls. These android headsets offer 4G SIM compatibility and LTE connectivity as well. Built-in Wi-Fi can be connected using an external dongle or a hotspot on your smartphone for faster internet browsing and downloads. Phone bluetooth and auto-pairing options make it easier to manage calls while you are on the move. The stereo system, media and navigation controls can also be accessed from the rear seat.

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Good Sound Output Quality
Using Dolby DSP technology, Hypersonic gives you the advantage of surround sound for the best listening and audio experience. Inbuilt sound equaliser also lets you customise the sound output as per your preference.

High Tech Features
These models come with sophisticated features like voice control, OEM reverse camera compatibility, keyboard and mouse compatibility, and many more. With the affordable price range of these head units, these features come as a bonus.

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