Here Is A list Of Top 5 Affordable Bicycles For Women Sold In India

Updated On: 19 June 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Are you a female bicycle enthusiast looking to buy a cycle at an affordable price? Check out this article which has details regarding the top 5 affordable bicycles for women sold in India.

At times when IC vehicles are contributing to the carbon footprint, bicycles are the way to move forward as it a sustainable mobility solution in response to the environmental pollution crisis. Riding a bicycle is a fun activity that can also help people stay healthy. According to health experts, riding a bicycle can also lead to a better lifestyle and help maintain health.

Bicycles have somehow become trendy during this pandemic crisis. People have started to choose cycling as an activity to stay healthy and experience the ecosystem as a whole. According to research, people have started cycling for relief from staying indoors too long due to the lockdowns.

Since bicycles are trending, we have decided to share our thoughts on the top 5 bicycles for women sold in India. Give this article a read. You might like it!

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CAYA Bikes for Women and Men:

This bicycle is suitable for both male and female riders. The bicycle comes with camouflage graphics which looks quite appealing. The Caya bike is made of top of the line steel frame and comes equipped with disc brakes both in the front and rear for added safety. In addition to this, the wheels are 26 inches that can provide better handling and a sturdy ride. This bicycle is well known for its triple wall alloy wheel design. The product comes at an affordable price of Rs. 10,999.

The Hero Fashion 26T Single speed:

 top 5 bicycles for women in India

The Hero Fashion 26T single speed is best suitable for persons above the age of 12. The bicycle comes with tyres that are of the size 26 inches. The frame has been designed for easy riding posture and is considered to be durable. The frame is of the size 16.5 inches which makes it suitable for shorter women. The bicycle comes equipped with caliper brakes which is necessary to stop at quick notice or in a panic situation. The frame is also made out of high-quality steel which ensures durability. The overall build quality is also appreciatable. This Bicycle is offered at a price of Rs.7,899 only.

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The BSA Ladybird Hazel Cycle 19T:

 top 5 bicycles for women in India

The BSA ladybird has been present for more than a decade and this is the bicycle that people often buy due to its reliability and durability. The bicycle comes in a pink colour scheme with few graphics which makes it look premium. This bicycle comes with a comfortable seating posture. It is equipped with Printed and cushioned brakes which have a good bite. There is a front basket which can carry things. All in all, the BSA Ladybird Hazel 19T is a practical bicycle with good build quality. This bicycle is priced at Rs.8199.

Avon Sherry 26T Youth:

 top 5 bicycles for women in India

The Avon Sherry 26T Youth comes with a premium quality steel frame of the size 18 inches. This bicycle has good safety features such as a high-quality Caliper braking system and a plastic Saree guard located near the rear tyre. The bicycle comes equipped with aluminium alloy brake levers and weighs around 5Kg. The dimension of the bicycle is as follows: 110 x 23 x 67. The Avon Sherry 26T Youth bicycle is priced at Rs.7400.

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Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bike:

This bicycle is best suitable for women who love to explore nature, ride down the mountain terrain and do a little bit of off-roading. The bicycle is equipped with a superior grade aluminium frame. The wheels are of the size 26 inches which means better resistance to bumps and bad section of roads. It gets double-wall alloy wheels which are known for their superior performance on tarmac. The bicycle comes at a price of Rs.8,799 only.

What do you think about these top 5 affordable bicycles for women sold in India? Please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, join our 91Wheels Telegram and 91Wheels Whatsapp group to know more about vehicles, conduct discussions on your favourite ride and much more!

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