5 Tips Before Setting Out For Cycling During Summer

Updated On: 3 June 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Summer is right around the corner, so are you planning to go for a ride on your bicycle? Check out these 5 Tips before setting out for cycling during summer

Cycling during summer is a venture that not many appreciate. The summer heat is indeed harsh on us and our body is persistently seeking water to keep us hydrated. The hot wind and the heat waves are something which most of us would like to avoid but one thing which we surely cannot avoid is our passion for cycling.

Pro-Cyclists around the world set forth with their journey even in summer. Some say that cycling during summer is a unique experience in itself. After all, our journey is not about destinations but the complete course of travelling. There is a lot to see and to be enlightened in our journeys and so cycling in summer is not a bad idea after all.

However, the task of cycling during summer conditions does require few sets of norms to be followed to keep us healthy. For beginners, here are tips to follow to overcome the harsh conditions put forth by the season of summer.

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The following are the tips to follow while cycling during summer:


5 Tips Before Cycling During Summer

Our bodies have the tendency to sweat more during summer to keep us cool. This process will eventually drain the water in our body unless we keep drinking water at regular intervals. The sweat naturally evaporates and so it is necessary to keep drinking water.

Before setting out on your cycling adventure, make sure to carry water bottles with you and prior to the trips, choose routes wherein you can stop to get drinking water. Keep in mind to consume water at regular intervals to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will help you on your journey to reach the destination with ease.


Try to wear lightweight clothes which are made up of breathable fabric like a zip jersey. By wearing such apparel, you can keep your body cool and the uneasiness caused by sweating can be overcome. Wearing lightweight clothes will help you even when you take breaks since the sweat would not cause irritation by accumulating on your skin.

While riding your bicycle, the wind will naturally keep your body cool if you are wearing clothes made out of breathable fabric. So look for clothes which are suitable for dry conditions and also do not wear black clothes as they absorb more heat.


5 Tips Before Cycling During Summer

Like riding your bicycle during the monsoon, keep an eye on the road surface even during summer as tarred roads are prone to expand and cause cracks on surfaces. Also, it melts with extreme heat, causing slippery conditions and can attract grit and mud on your tyres if you accidentally rode over it. So keep an eye on the road surfaces while you are riding.

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Taking breaks while riding long distance is a must to cool your body but make sure not to use ice to cool down. Ice when rubbed against the body will constrict the blood vessels and will cause the core body temperature to go high. This means that your body will send hot blood to your core could cause your health to deteriorate. However, it is recommended to wipe your face, arms and legs with a damp cloth or wash your face with cool water.


5 Tips Before Cycling During Summer

The best way to avoid heat hazards is by cycling early morning when the temperature is cool. Another option is riding late evenings when the sun is about to set. This way one could avoid the challenging heat conditions brought by summer and can enjoy the ride completely without any worry. However, makes sure to carry or equip your bicycles with lights for better visibility.

Hope we were able to help your out on your first summer cycling venture. Follow these 5 tips before setting out for cycling during summer to keep yourself safe from the harsh conditions.

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