What Is Gear Lock? Is It Beneficial? Check Out Its Benefits

26 Feb 2021 Jatin Jhamb

Gear Locks are an essential part of your car security. With theft cases increasing, this small piece of a component in your car will keep it completely secure. Gear Locks are part of the vehicles and come integrated with factory configuration. In general, Gear Locks are integrated to work at 1st gear or reverse gear. Here are the main benefits of gear lock installation in your vehicle.

Being a Mechanical Component

One of the unique aspects that make Gear locks robust is its mechanical components. So you dont need to worry about electric parts failure. The whole mechanism for Gear Locks also makes it more difficult for thieves to get control of the vehicle. Keys can be duplicated in several circumstances, such as when you hand over the key to the local mechanics or an unreliable person for repairs.

They can use the data from the key manufacturing process to replicate a new duplicate key. But when thieves enter the car and start the vehicle in gear lock. They will not be able to push the vehicle an inch and will have to spend a lot of time working through the Gear locks.

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This additional time can create a lot of noise and attention in a place that thieves want to avoid. Thus Gear Locks have become the mainstay for safeguarding vehicles in any area. You cant even tow the car when in Gear locked as it doesnt allow the movement of the tires at all.


Furthermore, these Gear locks are built with extremely durable material, making it more difficult for thieves to break or cut lose the lock easily. And the use of tamper-proof nuts makes the whole mechanism impossible to replicate or break with any fix.

Easy to operate

Modern Gear Locks are highly sophisticated and reverse engineered for smooth operation. You just need to lock the key with a specific arrangement, only taking a very small space. There are no maintenance requirements for Gear locks and no possibility of duplicate keys.

Additional Warranty period

Gear locks have an added warranty period from all the vehicle components. Thus keeping your vehicle protected from all the hassles.

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In this modern age, security is the foremost concern of consumers, and Gear Locks have proven their success over time. Modern Lock Gears adds that extra trust and reliability with their complex rigidity. So once the vehicle is Gear Locked, the car or bike cant be moved from its present location. Thus making it more time-consuming and difficult for thieves to flee with the vehicle. Hence users can freely work or enjoy the space without any worry.

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