Mahindra Alfa Plus Vs Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX Plus. All You Need To Know

Updated On: 5 June 2021 Dheeraj Nair

Are you a business owner looking to expand your fleet? If yes, then check out this Mahindra Alfa Plus Vs Ape Xtra LDX Plus article to know which one is a better choice for your Cargo Carrier fleet.

Delivery business in the country has been on the rise ever since advanced sorting technology established its firm foot in this stream of business. Delivery firms usually sort and ship the products that customers require from different parts of the country and send them to warehouses close to the delivery location. A smaller business owner with a small fleet does the rest of the job of delivering the products to the consumer's doorstep. 

These small delivery businessmen in India usually depend on small cargo carriers such as three-wheeled machines made by Mahindra and Piaggio which are the niche in its segment. It is indeed due to the reliability and performance delivery of these three-wheelers that the products that we order online reach our doorsteps on time. The Mahindra Alfa Plus and the Ape Xtra LDX Plus are examples of the aforementioned three wheelers known for reliability and performance.

Since both these three-wheelers are popular for reliability and performance, It must be hard for business owners to choose, hence, we have carefully put together this spec comparison article-  "Mahindra Alfa Plus Vs Ape Xtra LDX Plus. All you need to know.

So, let us jump right into discussing the specs of these vehicles:

Mahindra Alfa Plus Vs Ape Xtra LDX Plus.


To begin with, the Mahindra Alfa Plus only comes with a diesel powertrain. This Cargo carrier has a gross weight of 1045Kg. The Alpha Plus has a height of 1815mm, a width of 1500mm and a length of 3210mm. The wheelbase is sufficient for a cargo loader like the Alpha Plus. It has a wheelbase of 2165mm which is an impressive figure. The manufacturer claims that the Alfa Plus has the ability to provide a mileage of 29.4kmpl

Unlike the Mahindra Alfa Plus, the Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX Plus gets different fuel-based variants. The vehicle gets petrol, diesel and even a CNG variant. Now, coming towards the dimension part, the Ape Xtra LDX Plus comes with a width of 1490mm, length of 3295, and height of 1770mm. The wheelbase of this cargo carrier is 2100mm and the gross weight of the vehicle is 975Kg. The Xtra LDX Plus gets a minimum ground clearance of 245mm which is impressive and with the 10L fuel tank capacity, this vehicle can go the distance.

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Verdict: The Alfa plus and the Xtra LDX Plus both have decent dimensions which are required to withstand the weight of the cargo and maintain stability on fast runs. The dimension spec of both the vehicles seems to be close enough, However, the Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX Plus gets the upper hand since it has different variants on offer. 


This would be the most important spec which everyone would like to know. The cargo-carrying capacity of the vehicle mainly depends on the deck area so it is important to compare this spec. The Mahindra Alfa Plus comes with a cargo deck size of 1730mm in length. It has a height of 320mm and a width of 1460mm. Whereas the Piaggio Xtra LDX Plus comes with a deck size of 1800mm in length, it has a width of 1400mm and comes with a height of 285mm.

Verdict: The Alfa Plus from Mahindra wins this criterion since it has a better load carrying capacity thanks to the larger bed and overall deck when compared with the Piaggio Xtra LDX Plus.

Mahindra Alfa Plus Vs Ape Xtra LDX Plus.


The engine options that both these vehicles come with is indeed fascinating. The powertrain equipped in these three-wheeled machines are top notch and are compliant with the bs6 emission rules of the country. They provide all-round performance. As mentioned earlier the segment leader Mahindra Alfa Plus comes with a superior performing engine however, it does not provide different variants and powertrain options like the Ape Xtra LDX Plus.

The BS6 Alfa Plus is equipped with a diesel-based powertrain. It comes with an efficient single-cylinder water-cooled engine The Ape gets a single-cylinder engine too however, it is naturally aspirated and is water-cooled. It has a direct injection electronic system which makes it extremely easy to drive. This system also assists in getting better fuel economy figures.

Verdict: The Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX Plus gets the best vote because it has different powertrain options, unlike the Mahindra Alfa Plus. Even though the Mahindra Alfa Plus has better durability, it lacks few features.

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The Mahindra Alfa Plus starts at a price of Rs.2.56 Lakh and goes all the way up to Rs.2.66 lakh (ex-showroom) and the Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX Plus comes at an ex-showroom price of Rs.2.66 Lakh.

Final Verdict: 

With this Mahindra Alfa Plus Vs Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX comparison, we declare the Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX Plus as the winner due to better features, choice of different variants and fuel efficiency.

Which one would you choose? The Mahindra Alfa Plus or The Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX Plus. Please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, join our 91Wheels Telegram group to know more about vehicles, conduct discussions on your favourite ride and much more!

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