What Is Teflon Coating? Should You Get From Dealer? Pros And Cons

02 Mar 2021 Jatin Jhamb

We all love our cars as they are one of the best possessions we have. They take us places, help in commuting, give us a lot of comforts, and many other things come along. We do our best to keep them away from problems. We get it serviced on time, get the non-working parts removed without delay, get it painted if required, and much more. But do you know what this is and is getting Teflon coating ideal?

What is a Teflon coating, and is it done by car dealers?

Teflon coating or paint protection coating, also known as the anti-rust coating, is a good way to prevent your car from decaying. It is a popular car treatment that car dealers recommend to prevent your car from dust, dirt, scratch, and UV rays.

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You can get the same treatment from aftermarket or car detailing shops, but people usually prefer getting it done from the dealer itself. This coating is done on the above as well as the under-body of the car. Teflon is a form of synthetic fluoropolymer that has a non-sticky nature, and it reduces friction that prevents scratching. Most of the car dealers in India can provide you with the Teflon coating.

How is Teflon coating done on a car by car dealers?

There is a complete process through which the car undergoes to get the Teflon coating done.

The surface that has to be coated is cleaned and washed properly.
The body is then wiped properly and dried.
Post this. The coating lubricant is applied to the car surface.
Once the coating dries on the surface, the car buffing process takes place after that.
It will take around 25-35 minutes to complete the buffing process. If the dealer does it correctly, the minor scratches will completely finish from the surface.

Pros of Teflon coating

Once you get the coating, your car will shine brighter under the lights and sun.

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If your car sustained minor scratches, they would be removed, and post coating, your car will sustain minimal to no scratches.

The Teflon layer acts as an anti-rusting layer on the car that prevents it from the same.

It also helps improve your car's paint life, but to get that, you need to get it coated regularly.

Cons of Teflon coating

If you get this done from the aftermarket, you need to be on your toes and around your car because what they do is machine polishing and simple waxing.

If the person chooses any inferior brand, it would leave marks on your paint and won't be able to resist scratches.

One thing that we all hate is our cars getting scratched but as harsh as it may sound, getting a scratch is inevitable. So, to protect the cars from scratches, people usually get the Teflon coating to protect it. If you wish to get one from the dealer, you can get that, but you need to inform them about the same beforehand.

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