Honda Connect Features Explained - Features That Redefine Mobility

05 Mar 2021 Shakti Nath Jha

The revolutionary Honda Connect system, launched by India's leading car manufacturer - Honda, changed how connectivity can redefine mobility. Honda Connect offers over 32 unique features that collectively provide safety, security, convenience, and comfort. The information technology-enabled platform connects your car with your smartphone to provide all the information you may need about the car's health, location, service due alerts, etc. The tech-savvy new-age user stays well informed at all times and can derive a whole lot of utility and support through this platform. 

Let's have a look at all the features that Honda Connect offers:

Safety & Security

Whether you are present in the car or not, through the Honda Connect app, you get access to a wide array of features that help you maintain your safety and the security of your vehicle at all times. 

Here are some of the in-built ones that you can find by default on the app:

Contextual Speed Alert - The driver is alerted if the car exceeds the speed limit set for the road it is on.

Honda Connect Features

Auto Crash Notification - As soon as there has been an accident and the airbags are activated, the call center gets in touch with the user to assist with any emergency services.

Manual SOS - In case you foresee any troubles approaching, you can use the app to call for help. Your friends and family will immediately receive a notification about your location.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking - If your car gets stolen, you can use the app to track the cars live location. 

Unauthorized Access alert - If there is an unauthorized entry into the car, the user immediately gets an intimation through the app. 

Geo-Fence Alert - Once you have manually set a boundary around the car, instant alerts are sent to the user when the boundary has been breached. 

Trip Analysis - Get information and statistics of your driving pattern and history to optimize your driving behaviour. You can also keep track of the routes taken by your loved ones while driving the car. 


Honda aims to make driving not just a necessity but a luxury.

Find My Car - When your car is parked in a mall or a crowded parking lot, using the Find My Car feature, you find the location of your car and identify your car through honking and blinking the lights.

Remote Feature - Using the Honda Connect app, you can use your smartphone as a remote to turn on and off the AC, set the temperature, set the fan speed, etc., even when you are not around the car. 

Honda Connect Features

Car Dashboard - Through the car dashboard feature, you get important updates about the car like the door is locked or unlocked, AC is on or off, fuel level, windows are open or shut, parking brake, etc.

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Peace of Mind

Honda Connect aims to give the user a peaceful driving experience without worrying about unforeseen repairs and damage situations.

Tire Deflation Alert - In case any tire is running low on air, the app sends an alert to keep you informed. Your long drives can be worry-free with the activation of this feature. 

Roadside Assistance - If you find yourself in the middle of a sudden car breakdown, you can call for help from anywhere using the Roadside Assistance feature. You simply need to dial the support number given on the app. 

Apart from the features mentioned above, the Honda Fifth Gen City comes with a free 5-year subscription to the platform. It is the most technologically-advanced connected car of 2020, being the only car in India with Alexa compatibility. 

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The Honda Connect has revolutionized the way you use your car. It is not merely about the convenience of reaching a destination. It's a lot more than that. Your car now is your automobile, place of comfort, and personal assistant - all at the same time. Do you own a Honda car? Do feel free to share your thoughts with all of us in the comments section below. You can also join our 91Wheels Auto Enthusiast Telegram group (click via mobile to join) curated exclusively for the fans, enthusiasts and owners. Further, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such amazing motoring updates.

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