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India's First Modified Kia Seltos Wrapped in 3M Rose Petal Wrap

Nitin Kadian

Car Expert, Editor at 91Wheels

02 Jul 2020

Ever since the launch, the Kia Seltos has continuously been one of the best selling SUVs in the country. With a number of models out on the roads, many owners go out of the box to make their ride look unique and beautiful. This modified Kia Seltos is one such example and is claimed to be India's first wrapped Seltos. Apart from this, this car also gets a number of other modifications which make it really special and appealing.

Kia Seltos Wrap

To start with, this modified Kia Seltos gets a 3M Black Rose wrap which looks absolutely stunning. This wrap gets a gloss metallic finish with shining pearls of glitter. To complement his look, the OEM alloy wheels have been replaced with 19-inches BBS CI-R Staggered wheels wrapped in 255/40/R19 Pirelli P Zero tyres. The black paint scheme of the alloy wheels matches with the overall colour of the 3M wrap.

modified Kia Seltos

To boost up the performance, the ECU of the car has been remapped by Quantum Tuning house (UK). In addition to this, the stock air filter has also been replaced with K&N Performance Filter. The car also features Remus Valvetronic Exhaust End Can and electric tailgate retrofit.

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modified Kia Seltos

The interiors of the car have also been modified and all the interior trims get a carbon fibre finish in addition to aftermarket seat covers. To make the car look more appealing from outside, the exterior trims have also been finished in carbon fibre texture. The chrome elements of the car have been finished in gloss black which makes it look sporty and elegant.

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