Is Leaving Hand Sanitizer In Your Car A Hazard? We Explain

Recently a piece of news surfaced on the Internet where a car burst into flames and reports suggesting that the fire was caused due to the hand sanitizer kept inside it. Is it really true? Does it mean keeping hand sanitizer in your car will cause a fire? Well, sit tight because we explain to you if keeping that pocket-sized sanitizer is safe or not!

We all know that one of the primary elements used in the making of sanitizer is alcohol and it is flammable. And with the increased cases of COVID-19 cases in the country, people have started keeping pocket-sized bottles of hand sanitizers at their homes and cars and mostly everywhere.

Hand Sanitizer Cars

The incident that happened on Delhi roads with the car burning into flames and the driver losing life might or might not have been caused because of the sanitizers. When spoken to experts that if 'keeping hand sanitizers in a car can ignite a flame' then the logical answer is NO.

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It is because the lowest temperature where the ethyl alcohol, which is also the primary ingredient in the making of sanitizers, will auto-ignite is 363 degrees Celcius. Metals such as tin, lead, aluminium will heat at this temperature since it is so hot.

Yes, the tropical season in India allows the temperature inside of the car to rise up to a level that you can even fry an egg. Or get skin burns or the worse, a child could be killed. But the car bursting into flames is just out of the question. Still, there's a saying that 'Precaution is better than Cure'.

We explain that above statement now! Yes, by logic keeping a hand sanitizer in your car is not a hazard but if is kept loosely then comes the problem. Suppose you have kept a bottle of loosely packed sanitizer on the dashboard of your car. And when you enter the car next afternoon and try to light a cigarette as soon as you get inside, you and your car could be smoked up in seconds.

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This will happen because the vapours will keep building inside the closed car that eventually becomes a gas chamber. And when that happens it causes fire by lighting up a cigarette or in the ignition or even when you use the horn, the experts said.

So it is a personal choice whether you want to keep the hand sanitizer in your car or not. But if you do just follow the precautionary steps that will not leave you or your loved ones in trouble. Safety measures do suggest that hand sanitizers should be kept in a cool and ventilated space and tightly packed. Prefer an air-tight container!

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