Five Common Mistakes Which People Make While Buying A New Car

Jatin Jhamb

Car Expert, Editor at 91Wheels

15 Jan 2021

Buying a new car involves some checks and inspections as well as long term strategies, avoiding of which can result in minor or major monetary losses in a longer run. A pre-delivery inspection, research and other steps should be mandated so that you don't fall for the common mistakes while buying a new car.

A lot of people, mostly laymen who have little knowledge about cars, do some mistakes while buying a new car from the authorized dealership of the car manufacturer. These mistakes, if not properly addressed, can prove to be a loss-making deal when a longer period of usage is taken into consideration.

Following are the common mistakes which people make while buying a new car:-

Not buying the right colour

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Many people do get carried away by their favourite colour while buying a new car, by getting offbeat shades for their new car, such as bright red, blue, brown and green. If you intend to use the new car for a shorter duration, say for up to for 5 years, try to opt for those colours which have stronger resale value, such as white, grey and silver, and not offbeat colours, whose resale value falls drastically once it rolls out of showrooms.

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Not considering after-sales services

Buying a new car is one thing, and maintaining it thereafter is another, and the latter is more important if you intend to keep your car in a good condition and for a longer run. Try to go for a new car from those brands, the authorized service station of which is well within your reach, to ensure easy availability of spares as well as quick and trouble-free service experience.

Not taking a test drive

A test drive surely is the best way to create a first impression of how good the soul of the vehicle is in general. There are many cars which might look good to your eyes but might not impress you with the way they drive or tackle the roads and conditions of your daily usage. It is advisable to take a proper test drive in the conditions of your daily usage of driving, before buying it.

Confused between petrol and diesel versions

Many car buyers are tempted by the high fuel efficiency figure of a diesel version as compared to the petrol-powered version of the same car. However, after buying the car, they realize that their running costs, which involve driving for lesser than required kilometres on a monthly basis, are insufficient to cover the high initial price difference they had paid for the diesel car. So, if your monthly driving cycle is less, strongly go for the petrol version.

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Not doing pre-delivery inspection

While buying a new car, you should properly inspect the car allotted to you by the dealer, for the latter sometimes try to trade off a car which has been with them for a very long time in their stockyard. Try to get all the necessary checks related to their exterior, interior and mechanicals before buying the same car, and if you find something objectionable, try to get a different car after discussing with the dealer authorities.

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