What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Pre-Owned Car From Maruti True Value?

01 Mar 2021 Shakti Nath Jha

In recent times, a car has become a necessity for every household in order to sustain their lives. However, the increasing cost of new cars can only burn holes in the pockets of many. Thus, to avoid this, consumers have a solution to purchase a used model. True value - a name that everyone is familiar with. Maruti True Value cars come at a comprehensive price, which makes the dream of owning a car true for all. Today, in this article, we tell you everything about the Maruti True Value and also its benefits.

Maruti True Value Benefits

The company offers customers efficient and certified cars at comprehensive prices. Indias largest car-producer market 'Maruti Suzuki' relaunched True Value in 2019 with a new brand and marketing identity. Without any doubt, True Value has delivered enhanced customer satisfaction and experience to all the consumers. The company assures that each consumer is delivered with a good and highly-efficient car. This is why they have built a supreme-quality digital interface that is used for the evaluation and accreditation of each car. The process offers transparency between customers and the company, whether it is regarding pricing or the car's functionality.

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Purchasing a used car is the biggest risk, but a model owned by Maruti True Value ensures quality and excellent service. It is already a huge market, so investing in a pre-used car from True Value will meet your need of owning a quality car at an affordable price.

Advantages of Buying a Pre-Owned Car:

  • The biggest advantage of purchasing pre-owned True Value cars is someone else has already tested their hands on them, putting a massive depreciation hit on the car's cost.
  • Another advantage is, firstly, as a second owner, you can sell the car for nearly the same price that you bought (if the same market rate is applicable).
  • Whether through direct sales or a renowned company like True Value, you will be provided with a good deal if you plan to resell a good-functioning car.
  • With used cars, you get an additional advantage to save up and pay in cash.
  • Purchasing from a company dealer, you will be provided with a car that has been quality tested for efficiency and good service.

Benefits of Buying Maruti True Value Car:

  • Every car sold under True Value runs through a proper check, to ensure quality care delivery to customers.
  • Maruti engineers check the functioning and engine of the car.
  • The showroom cars are sold at comprehensive prices and are not driven more than one lakh kilometres.
  • All cars will not have more than 2 pre-owners.
  • The cars sold in the showroom are non-accidental.
  • The seller is given the right price according to the market standards.
  • The buyer will be provided with all the necessary details of the seller.
  • A certified True Value car dealer with conduct ownership transfer.
  • All the cars are refurbished with genuine accessories and parts from Maruti Suzuki.
Maruti True Value Benefits
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Making a Constructive Decision:

When it comes to pre-owned cars, the buyers are always in a dilemma. But purchasing from an authentic buyer will never be a questionable decision. Used cars come at an affordable price, and True Value cars are not only durable but have an affordable service. Thus, if you plan to purchase a used car, you can never go wrong with True Value. Have you purchased any car from Maruti True Value and how's your experience? Do feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. You can also join our 91Wheels Auto Enthusiast Telegram group (click via mobile to join) curated exclusively for the fans, enthusiasts and owners. Further, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such amazing motoring updates.

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